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My Strange Cat

The Escapades of a Bizarre Feline

By JR BorgfeldPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Meet Tyto, the white and grey American Shorthair cat. He's a lanky boy, with a snaking spine, spindly legs, and a long tail that looks like it was dipped in shadows. Other interesting markings include three spots on his right side that look eerily like the face of a ghost. But this young kitty's oddities don't stop at his appearance. Today I will tell you all about the scrunkly cat I am now proud to call my son.

Tyto's story began in early 2021 while I was working at a vet clinic in Texas. A kind-hearted coworker of mine discovered him on the side of the road, abandoned at only one day old. She nursed him back to health and then placed him in a foster home. It was an emotional story that all of us in the office were invested in, and we were happy to hear that he was going to be ok.

A few months later, I found myself in a unique position in life. I was living on my own and had a stable income, so I decided it was finally time to get a pet of my own to care for. I had heard many stories about Tyto during that time, and made the decision to set up a meeting with the woman that was fostering him. The next day he arrived, and in a few short minutes I was hopelessly in love. He was small enough to fit in the crook of my arm, with big eyes and ears that made my heart melt. He had a love for toys with streamers and other bits and bobbles he could chase, and it was clear he was a born hunter. But what really sold me on Tyto was his chosen method of showing affection. When he gets comfortable with a person, he will show his love and acceptance by rubbing his face furiously against yours, as if he's trying to merge faces. He did this to me immediately and that's when I knew I had to have him.

I brought Tyto home with me, and over the next few months, I got to know one of the strangest cats I've ever met. I learned that not only did he love face rubs, but he also fully expects you to catch and hold him like a baby whenever he wants to cuddle. He just walks up and falls over toward your arms in an act of total trust. I admittedly missed him a few times before I mastered the ritual, but that never deterred him. To this day he will thrust himself into my arms without a concern in the world.

But Tyto's oddities didn't stop there. I soon discovered that this cat has an unstoppable, insatiable hunger for food. I started by giving him the amounts recommended by the vet, but it was never enough. He always wanted more, acting like he was starving and begging for food. I held out for a while before I realized this was never going to stop, so little by little I gave in and increased his food portions. Today I give him easily twice the recommended amount for his size, and it still isn't enough! I have accepted that his demand simply cannot be met.

Remarkably, however, Tyto never gains weight. This is because he is also the most active cat I've ever seen. He loves to sprint, climb, hunt, jump, and every other physical activity under the sun. You know those midnight zoomies that other cat owners always tell you about? Tyto does that every two hours like clockwork. Something tells me it'll be a long time before I have to worry about dieting restrictions.

Another quirk I discovered after bringing him home was how he acted around other people he has never met. He approaches new people like they're an alien from another planet, slowly inching forward, quickly smelling, running away, then repeating the process for several days until he's finally comfortable enough to let them hold him and cuddle. It took a few months before I realized that I never had to participate in this ritual. He accepted me from the moment we met, and I take that as a very encouraging sign.

Now, almost two years later, Tyto is still surprising me. Over the last couple of months, he has developed a rather obsessive fascination with birds, tracking them with a slew of clicking sounds as if they're his mortal enemy. Amusing though it is, I've found a way to take advantage of his interest for both of our benefit. Lately, I've been having to leave him home alone for a few hours every day due to the nature of my work. To make sure he is occupied and less lonely, I have started leaving bird-watching videos to run on my tv while I'm gone. Tyto LOVES it. He will often just sit and watch the birds on tv for hours at a time.

It's been a wild experience caring for Tyto these past couple of years, and every day is an adventure with him. He continues to surprise me with his quirks and oddities and I couldn't be happier with my choice of pet. He is a wonderful, energetic, curiosity-filled companion, and I look forward to what the future has in store for us. Follow me for updates on the antics of my strange son, and thanks for reading.


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JR Borgfeld

Hi there! I'm just a passionate author who writes articles, sci-fi/fantasy fiction, and loves all things nerdy. If that's your kind of content, then I welcome you to my very crazy brain-space.

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