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My pet dog Sheru.

It's about my pet dog Sheru has helped me and my family.

By Deepak chaubey Published 4 years ago 4 min read

It was 2016 and my father was posted in Sikkim Indo-China border as he was in the Indian army. There on the Himalayas, their duty used to be on the mountain. There were many stray dogs there but they could not feed themselves as there was snow everywhere and vegetation was less, so these dogs used to come in the army cantonment for their food. Many soldiers used to feed these dogs and my father was one of them. And it's been some months and my father found a puppy and it was so cute. And my father used to feed him with biscuits, bread and chocolate e.t.c. And then after some time, my father used to keep that puppy in his room as he feared that the puppy may go somewhere else and couldn't be found again.

Then my father wanted to take that puppy to our home, but many of his counterparts suggested that this puppy would not survive as it belongs to the mountainous region and here there is extremely cold and at our home, the opposite climate is there. And many have already tried to take some of these dogs to their hometown but all were failed as these dogs hadn't survived at their hometown because of different climate. After listening to all these my father calls to my mom and said all the problems, then my mom said if you love that dog then bring here and it would survive and so did my father.

Then my father gets to leave and he managed to bring that puppy at our hometown. We all were very happy as a new member was to come and join our family. We all waited for the dog and it arrived!!! The first whole day we spend with that puppy was very blissful. Then I went to the market and bought pedigree for the dog. We all love him so much and my younger brother (who never used to give his chocolates to anyone) has also shared his chocolates, biscuits and cakes with the puppy. And even the dog was also happy it seems.

Slowly slowly we had taught the dog almost everything like how to shake hands, catch the ball and bring the ball as we used to spend our so much time with it. We have also named the dog and his name is Sheru. Now Sheru used to call us when he has to go for washroom. He has become so obedient now but whenever someone of my family comes home from the market they have to bring something eatables for Sheru otherwise he would bark at that person and would not leave him until he gives Sheru something to eat. Sheru used to ask for eatables like children used to you ask their parents.

Days passed and Sheru has become adult and everyone in our surroundings fears sheru, they wouldn't dare to come to our home without our presence. Thieves couldn't even enter our colony at night at Sheru used to do his duty very judiciously.

One day Sheru has bitten my younger brother (by mistake I think) and then my father got angry and he had beaten Sheru with his belt and locked him on our roof. And then we all went to the hospital for my younger brother's check-up as Sheru has bitten him. After all checkup in hospital, we returned home at night and Sheru was crying (barking). We get to know that Sheru has barked the whole day as one of our neighbours told us. And then when my father opened the door of the roof where the Sheru was locked, Sheru didn't run away as usual but he came close to my father and put his head my father's leg and sat down and there were tears in his eyes!! Then my father put Sheru's head and kissed him and said - "see how this animal is feeling sorry for what he has done." And from that day no-one beaten Sheru and all lived happily with him.

Sheru was so emotionally attached to us that he couldn't live without us. Whenever we (our whole family) used to go to the market or some relatives' house then Sheru used to bark continuously the whole day. Then when we used to return home he (Sheru) used to bark at us and that seems like he was scolding us for leaving him alone. So from then on, we used to take him wherever we used to go.

One day there was some wedding ceremony into our colony and due to that whole night people would come on the road which was just in front of my house and sheru barked and some of them my relatives too, they wanted to live at my home but it was late night and we all slept, so they called us and as we all are in slumber so we couldn't hear that but Sheru heard and he started barking. But it was my maternal uncle who knew Sheru and had visited many times so Sheru has recognised him when he said- "Sheru, it's me mamaji." Then Sheru stopped barking and came to my father's bedroom and started pulling his blanket and took him to the main gate to open the door for my maternal uncle.

And it's been 4 years Sheru is living with us happily and now uncles of my battalion used to wonder how Sheru survived here then my father says that love has no limits.

For you guys who are reading this would thinking it's fictional but believe me it's true.


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    Deepak chaubey Written by Deepak chaubey

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