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My Hamster

by NatalieMarmol 4 months ago in hamster
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I grew up loving rows and rows of small animals, so I also especially like to keep small animals.

My Hamster
Photo by Kong Jun on Unsplash

I grew up loving rows and rows of small animals, so I also especially like to keep small animals.

I went to the park with my mom and dad to see the lights. Suddenly saw a roadside sale of small animals, I immediately ran over, look at this, look at that, there are beautiful little goldfish, cute little turtles, lively little rabbits ...... hey! I was surprised to find a small hamster, a small animal that I had wanted for a long time. I begged my dad to buy one, at first my dad did not agree, I was so anxious that tears came out of my eyes. When Dad saw me crying, he agreed to buy me one. After bargaining, I finally bought a small hamster for 23 yuan.

This little hamster is very cute. Its body length is about seven or eight centimeters. If curled up, it looks like a small ball of fluff. The fur on his back was dark brown, and his belly was white. His tail is so short that it can't be compared to a mouse. The top of the head is rounded and the bottom is pointed. The two eyes are like two small black beans, black and shiny, shining. A dozen long whiskers on both sides of the mouth, four sharp incisors. The two sides of the mouth sometimes bulge. On the Internet, it turns out that hamsters can store food on both sides of their mouths, which is probably the origin of the hamster's name!

The most interesting thing is the little hamster playing with the wheel. Just see it climb on the wheel, run hard forward, and the wheel will be fast turning up. But after a while, the hamster stopped. Two eyes flickering, as if thinking about something. Once I saw it that clever and smart, I could not help but laugh. When I saw that it was tired, I would say, "Take a break, little friend." I would then add extra goodies to it. When I put the apple in, it would run over and eat it with gusto, and from time to time it would look up at me as if to say "Thank you!" Looking at it, I was so happy!

Every night I have to get up several times to see it, no food to add food, no water to add water, the day becomes cold, I will add cotton wool to it. It always gets up at night to play with the wheel, it takes a long time to turn up, over time, it became a habit, the sound of turning is so pleasant, such as beautiful music, let me intoxicated, accompanied by it I will sweetly go to sleep.

The first thing I do when I get up every day is to feed it. Sometimes when I open my eyes, I don't care to put on my clothes, I run down barefoot and go to feed it, afraid of starving it, as soon as I come to it, it seems to know me, rushing out from the nest, looking at me quietly, as if to say: "I'm hungry." I sent the long-prepared millet carefully into the cage, millet is its favorite, only to see it rubbed the same out, regardless of the three or seventy-one on the wolf gobbled up, not long, deflated belly bulging, so much so that after drinking and eating, and then into the nest, it is always very understanding and quiet, never shouting, afraid to disturb us. A good little hamster is a delight! It is also like this when we come home from school and before going to bed. Sometimes I even take it out of the cage, tease it for a while, and let it run in my hands and arms, it always runs around happily, with light and agile movements, and it always attracts a lot of children from the right and left, this touch, that kiss, it is not afraid at all, look at it children are quite happy! Sometimes, it's a fun activity to make the children laugh and dance! Hamster is my closest and best friend! I love you, hamster!

One night, I went to bed early. The next morning, my dad said, "What's wrong with the hamster that won't stop barking at night?" Dad also said he checked with a flashlight last night and didn't find anything unusual about the hamster. I thought: Is the little hamster missing its mom and dad? Thinking about it, I feel sorry for it! Don't worry, little hamster, I will take better care of you in the future, I will always be your good friend!

With you, my life is more fulfilling! With you, I am in a more relaxed mood! Thank you for your company! Little hamster, the love of my life!


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