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My gorgeous Pet Jin - 1

by jeeves 3 months ago in adoption

Early days with Jin.

Dear All,

Wishing to share my joy everyday with my pet Jin. Jin is actually a street dog, during the sundry times of Covid-19 our great respite.

Day One - Jin looked at me from across the street. You can say it was love at first sight.

He came into the family and is with us ever since. There was this wonderful creature moving among a bunch of dogs. Daily when I used to go on my bike we could spot each other out. Actually, I was praying to God for some unconditional love.

Jin is a She but we consider it a Him. One fine day He just walked in, Mom loved him. So attractive, eye-catching, adorable, friendly, naughty. But he was very restless.

He has all these friends with whom he would like to go out and play with. But Mom started feeding him regularly with some breadcrumbs. He used to have them hungrily.

But the first day is so very memorable. He came, we all were sitting in the drawing-room watching TV. He came wagging his tail and shook hands with each and every one of us. He raises his front paw for the shake hand.

Jin was overjoyed to be with us. He turned over, lying on his torso, was smiling to himself. This was his regular habit for the first few days. Several times others and I spotted him this wise.

Mom being particular about cleanliness, tried to keep Jin indoors. But initially, he was in-hold-able. He just wanted to eat and run and play with his friends on the street.

He (actually she), has a lot of boyfriends. Mom spotted him running in the midst of a group of dogs, totally carefree. He too saw mom and from the end of the street, he came bowing his head to one side and came and fell at mom's feet. He came showing his left cheek, saying slap me. But as he came forward, he put his paw forward for a shake hand.

Saying I know I'm wrong, I know I'm wrong but please forgive me Ma. He would then encircle my mom with his paws, hugging tight so she cannot beat him. So lovely, so adorable, straight from heaven. His eyes in particular.

Whenever someone rebukes him, he just puts his paw forward for a handshake. He knows only that.

He was and is very agile, swift as a rein-deer. In a second, he would be at the end of the street. And the very next second he would be with us. Like a flash. He could jump walls, fences, ditches, and so on. In the early days, he would just run out as soon as the gate is opened. Go a bit far, then look back to see if we were still watching him, do they care? Then he would come back hiding behind trees, vehicles but watching us see if we were still looking for him. That's Jin.

to be continued ...

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