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My Furry Friends

by Alaizha Doye 8 months ago in cat · updated 8 months ago

My family, friends, and children.

Nalan, Mittens, Midnight <3

In the woods, cold, dark, windy. Casted away, Abandoned. My feline friends forgotten. In a cardboard box i found them. So small and apprehensive to my welcoming hand. You were so young, how could you know. That this place. Yes, this place would be called your new home and we became your loving brood. Entering the doorway with wide eyes, and teeth bare.

"Meow Meow." All of you sneered. We smiled. We loved you even before we named you.

As you settled in and explored every inch of the small containment you were confined in.

"Meow. Meow."

You would sound day and night. Day and night we awoke to greet you. Being right by your side. I loved you then My furry friends. Mittens, Midnight, and Nalan. My furry friends jumped, played, and crawled all over the room. Running like they were late, with somewhere to be. They moved like a balls of light and color, each one danced with one another. After some time my furry friends would tire themselves out and sleep for hours. Purring and breathing softly. Feeling more comfortable.

Safe and sound. Noticing your comfort we thought it was time for my furry friends to explore even more. So we opened the door. Eyes wide with excitement.

The golden one burst out once freedom was on the table, the other grey and white fluffy female feline, crept from the door, and while the last was a dark shadowy ball of joy that hopped over her like a frog from a pond. That's when the fun started.

You all began to adventure out to different areas one by one. Getting used to every new scent. New smells.

Nalan the beautiful golden haired feline boy, confident, wild, and friendly.

Then there was Midnight, dark as the Night's latest hour, and eyes of jade. He was a cautious scamp, needy, and just as affectionate as his brother.

The last of all a ball of mangy fur full of anxiety, love, and shyness. Mittens.

Each one explored, played, and ruled their new domain.

My furry friends became a furry frenzy. Day and night they begged, no. Demanded your attention. They grew from loving just bottle caps, to string, and everything in between. When the cold wind rose and December hit our sleepy town. Frost covered the ground. Paws left impressions in the snow, and balls of fur turned into frosted coats. Snuggling under a warm blanket, in the time of winter, & of frosted embers.

Warm drinks, warm hands, and a warm home for my furry friends. Until the snow was gone.

Next Spring came, how happy you were to see the birds again. The sun's warmth on your coats, and muddy paw prints. You chased butterflies, birds, bugs, and all the creatures around. You had never seen so much life. How could you know? You were only young kittens now.

Babies who had to explore the world. You knew nothing of the adventures that would unfold, the stories yet to be told. Of my furry friends. Midnight, Mittens, and Nalan. My kittens, lovable, and precious. Day and night you enjoyed the time of fresh grass, bugs to catch, and birds abound.

By the time summer hit, you were so big. Babies, who had become young adolescence. My furry friends matured, and greeted summer. Like the animals awake to greet the sun. Every day you awoke at 5 a.m. sharp. Every morning you were my alarm.

"Meow. Meow." You all would purr against us.

Making sure we knew you wanted to venture out.

As far as your thoughts could go. As far as your legs could take you. You wanted to see the birds, the horizon, anything beyond what you had already seen. You guys were energetic. Even though there was the summer heat. You embraced it so welcomingly. You made me fall in love with nurturing and caring for something other than another human being. You made my summer something worth remembering. My babies, My friends, My kittens, and children. Were more to me than simple pets. They were and still are a blessing.

Therapy for my depression. When I had none. A real reason to smile when I had lost sight of one to laugh. They gave & give me hope for change, for better days. I didn't recuse my furry friends, they are the ones who saved me. I was once trapped. But I get by with my furry friends' Mittens, Midnight, and Nalan. Forever precious gifts, and the reason I'm still fighting.


About the author

Alaizha Doye

I am a poet, a writer, and a lyricist. <3

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