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Chloe Rocket

By Melissa GoetzPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Lazy Day with Mamma

This is my dog Chloe Rocket she is 10 years old. I have had her since I was 12. She was a birthday present for my 12th birthday she was so small and cute. I was at school all day and when I got home I walked In the door and noticed that my dad was holding something very small but could not tell what it was until I got close enough. Then I realized it was a puppy dog she was shy at first because she had been with mom and dad all then I came home from school and I was a new face to her. but then she warmed up to me and we played and had so much fun. Then Mom and dad asked me what I wanted to name her so I came up with Chloe, after Chloe for Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Even if she looks more like Poppy. Her Birthday is January 10th 2010. When she was a puppy she thought she was a Big dog she would go in the back yard and run down the hill in our backyard and grab the biggest stick she could find and run up the hill with it in her mouth. She varies playful when she wants to but also because she is small she loves to sleep a lot and snuggle with me. As a small dog she varies brave but also gets scared often some things are silly like she is afraid of her own shadow and the fact that loud noises outside scar her. A big fear of hers is thunderstorms we just had one a few nights ago she was shaking very badly that I had to put her blanket in the corner near us to make her feel better. After that, she was calmer and we were able to enjoy the rest of the movie. Chloe knows she is small but because of her natural behavior she wants to protect her family at all costs. So if she hears something or sees something she barks to warn us of trouble. She does not like animals vary much if she sees a bird or a squirrel she chases after them it works every time that animal sees her coming they run up a tree fast or fly away. The animals know not to mess with her. Chloe is varied curious she sniffs everything she loves plants, grass, flowers too. Chloe is varied smart to she remembers things very well people think that Chihuahua has the memory for 3 min. but my dog Chloe is super smart she can do several tricks like standing on her back legs and do a full 180 spin without touching the ground. She can also sing a song her favorite songs to sing are Happy Birthday and the Sesame Street theme song. Going along with the singing she can also sing certain words or sentences like Mom Dad and I love you. Chloe is a lover and a fighter how she is a Lover she loves on me by snuggling with me and also she gives lots of kisses. She loves her family lots she shows it by giving lots of kisses or waging her tailor barking in excitement. How she is a fighter is she is always is on high alert and is something happens she barks at the sound. She is determined to keep us safe at all times best protection ever who needs A.D.T. when I have a dog who is free security. Overall I love my dog with all my heart I would not change anything in the world for it.


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Melissa Goetz

I am 22 years old I love to read books and listen to music

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