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my cat the miracle worker

by Titan Godess 6 days ago in cat


my cat the miracle worker
Photo by Daria Shatova on Unsplash

When my little cat Sarabella becomes nothing short of a miracle-worker.

At certain stages in this great journey we call life we sit down and take a retrospect, going over, hand in hand with memory, the crooked old road and carefully treading in the same footsteps, looking upon the same scenes, suffering the same old pains and rejoicing in the smallest of joys. At such as these times the sleek little cat comes into my life ,the little black and white angel.. I was born with an intense passion for animals. I am a Australian woman , therefore am I a woman of strong passions. I have married many times without success always attracting the same type the boy in a mans body. My love is for the animal kingdom so have I found my little cat , and she has returned to me one hundred times a hundred fold so much love into my life. In the Manboy there is deceit, deception rules his nature. As I treat my little cat with kindness, I invariably, will always be overwhelmed with the gratitude of her presence her company her purrs and her little cat kisses. My little cat never did bite my hand that always did feed her— the Manboy did frequently with his punches kicks and bites. Therefore, I live with my little fluff ball of cuteness and center my affections in her. I have made my unalterable choice. I have been in the presence of my little teacher with her gentler manners and the kindness of her love , perhaps the greater intelligence little SaraBella my little cat God’s creation who is far above the Manboy ,her inexhaustible love. In my love for the little Cat and my preference for that beautiful animal above all others, I did not stand alone. Nearly all men , both in ancient and modern times, have signified their preference for the Cat in the strongest terms of the elegance .

Nature taught the members of the animal kingdom to communicate their feelings, one to another, by expressive cries and gestures which are so harmonic and beautiful to the ears. The language is of Divine origin by the sound of the words the frequency of life was formed , and that it was put into the mouth of the Cat, the same as it was put into the mouth of Adam, by the Creator. . But the very first expression of a desire was a sign by action of the muscles, frequently followed by a sound-sign. . Adam, could talk as naturally as he could hear, see and taste. Speech was a part of his endowment. Is there anything more wonderful than in a bird singing, or a little kitten crying meow? The honey bee builds its cell, ignorant of the fact that such a construction is a solution of a problem which had troubled men for centuries to solve — namely, at what point should certain lines meet so as to give the most room with the least material and have the greatest strength in building? To his surprise and the surprise of the whole world, such lines and such a building were found in the common bee cell. Is there anything preposterous in my assertion that the same Creator who gave to the bee the mathematical instinct, could endow animals with the instinct of speech that can heal .The vocal organs of both man and the other animals present a general resemblance to each other, despite varying degrees of development. Cats have a sac between the thyroid cartilage and the os hyoideum, which have much to do with the modifying and increasing of the-65- tones of the voice. . The epiglottis is comparatively small, and there are proportionately small cavities in the thyroid cartilage and the os hyoideum, which communicate with the ventricles of the larynx and the laryngeal-pharyngeal sacs, which give the peculiar softness of musical tone to the feline, as may be noted by a merely casual observer, and is accounted one of the most delightful characteristics of my little Cat is her voice her purs .

The brain of the Cat so closely resembles that of man as to force the unwilling admission from anatomists and physiologists that in form and substance they bear so close and striking a similarity that it must be conceded that they are, to all intents and purposes, the same in substance and conformation, and differ only in weight and size. It will be seen, from this admission of the greatest of physiologists and anatomists, possessed as men are of the natural prejudice against the little cat,the intelligence of the Cat is equal to that of man or woman but maybe not The Manboy.


Titan Godess

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They make my heart sing.

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