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My Buddy Le Croissant

by Esmoore Shurpit 16 days ago in dog

He's always there and watching in the distance.

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Okay, so maybe not exactly a croissant. Instead of a delectable buttery and flaky pastry you enjoy eating, it is a furry little four-legged friend that slightly resembles a fox, and has a big attitude. Speaking of furry, this doggy has so much fur– and randomly in connection to croissants, imagine a croissant shedding another croissant– which would be impressive and yummy honestly, but this breed somehow manages to shed another dog twice a year. Sometimes I think my dog is somewhat more of my boss as with his routine he demands a walk near the same time everyday or he'll voice his displeasure with vocal yawns and whining. The morning walk itself has to be relatively the same amount of distance each time (over a mile long) or he'll show his disappointment with his refusal to move.

You ever see those memes where shibas refuse to walk? It's true and it's kind of embarrassing when it happens to you. This picture right here I thought I somehow broke my dog, but no turns out he was protesting walking so early in the morning. So I took him back home, and then he refused to go... inside.

I must admit he does get me to exercise, which is a good thing as before I would hardly ever go outside unless I had to. He also has to have his time to sunbathe outside in the mornings, and since he can be stubborn, if he doesn't get to go outside on the days I have to go to work he'll put up a tantrum where he goes off alone upstairs or into the basement brooding. He’s pretty much an independent dog due to the nature of his breed, preferring to get attention on his own time, but despite that he’s great company.

I must admit I'm guilty of cropping this little guy out of progress photos when I'm working on my hand embroidery, which I consider a side “hustle” for myself though I don’t make money off my work- yet. There’s been so many times I’ve been working on a hoop and my dog is beside me that I have to make sure he’s not in the frame for ~professional~ reasons when I take progress photos, though I suppose it would be just fine leaving him in the photos as everyone loves dogs, right?

Rare progress picture of the beginning stages of my hoop Ocellus + Foxy

We have one of those stylish looking couches where it can transform into a sofa bed, except it's permanently pulled out into a sleeper, and I like to stretch my legs out and place a blanket on top before scattering my embroidery materials around me. Le Croissant, also known as King Foxy the Shiba, loves to join me when I do this and place his head atop my thigh; thus, preventing me from working efficiently. Because I work with such tiny materials that I have sorted out in small storage containers, it can be a bit nerve wrecking when he’s around sometimes as he doesn’t realize the tiny material can spill everywhere and be a pain to collect back up. Luckily enough it’s only been once when Foxy has managed to send my beads flying everywhere after being up to mischief with my husband.


~Quick Adoption Segment:

Foxy came into my husband and I’s life in December 2019 as an early Christmas present. We adopted him from a humane society at a point in time where I was looking for a companion as my husband and I’s schedules were practically opposite of one another’s. During that point in time, I was alone whenever I came home from work which sucked a lot. Also, during that time, I was super obsessed with Shiba Inu’s so I really wanted one and was actually in contact with a rescue to adopt, but ended up finding the handsome Foxy surprisingly on Petfinder.

Foxy has been an important part of our lives ever since we brought him home. He has brought us so much joy and has been a great dog to live and travel with. Almost a year ago, he actually ran away after we moved into our first home together having escaped somehow from our fenced in backyard. He was missing for about a week with no leads after the first day, before he was rescued in town by the local Fire Department at the nearby river. After that stunt he hasn’t made a move to escape ever since, so I suppose he learned from his mistake as that was how he ended up in the humane society in the first place when we got him.


My workspace to complete my hand embroidery is my living room as my office/studio is currently being slowly converted into a nursery. For the meantime, while my studio awaits its new home as we are renovating our upstairs, I lounge out on our couch and watch Netflix while embroidering. Foxy is always there with me, albeit sometimes lounged out on the floor or on his favorite stoop by our front window, but his favorite spot is always somewhere close by me. When I worked in my studio he was also nearby preferring to lay by my desk or by the doorway, somewhat anywhere to keep an eye on me making sure I was okay. It’s always comforting knowing he’s nearby keeping watch making sure everything is alright. He also joins me sometimes when I'm working on laptop, which sometimes can be a pain as he prevents me from moving, but he's cute so it doesn't matter. He definitely brightens up my day even when I have to go work and come home and he greets me with a bunch of hopping around.

I'll always love this little guy.

Note: There's a running joke that Shiba's look like croissants when they're balled up sleeping. Proof of my Fox boy:

A well done croissant. Well...kinda.


Esmoore Shurpit

I like writing bad stories.

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Esmoore Shurpit
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