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My brother, it is very

My brother, it is very

By Tiffany MatthewsPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Once upon a time, a fool was often deceived because he was too honest by nature. Once, a fool led his donkey out to graze. On the way, he met two skilled swindlers. The swindler saw that he was stupid and had a bad heart.

"I'm going to trick that donkey out of his master's hands." "Said one of the swindlers to his partner.

"How? "Asked the other.

The swindler looked confident and said, "You watch!"

So the squirer went up to the donkey, secretly took off the bridle and put it on his own head, leaving the donkey to be led by another squirer. So the swindler wore a halter and walked behind the fool like a donkey.

After he had gone some way, he judged that another swindler had taken the donkey, and stopped, refusing to go any further. The donkey seemed unwilling to move on. Surprised, he looked back and saw that the bridle was on a man's head. He was surprised and asked:

"Hey, hey! What are you?"

The swindler laughed secretly and said, "I am your donkey! Oh, you don't know. I've had a strange experience. I have an upright, pious mother, who is well into her years. Once when she saw me drunk, she told me religiously: 'Boy, this is a sin, and you must repent to Almighty Allah. 'But instead of listening, I struck her. So, in her anger, she begged Allah Almighty to punish me. I was punished and turned into a donkey, and have suffered ever since. To this day, my mother felt that I had been punished enough. In her compassion, she asked Allah on my behalf to forgive my SINS. So I was restored to my human form from the donkey, and became a proper human."

The fool was surprised and ashamed. "Ah!" he sighed. It is up to Allah Almighty to save you! My brother, it is very wrong of me to ride you and make you do hard work. But, by Allah, I don't know anything about you. Now I must beg your pardon for riding and manipulating you."

After confessing himself to the scoundrel, the fool left the scoundrel in a dazed despondency and went home with his head bowed.

The foolish man's wife was surprised at his appearance and asked, "Why are you so sad? Did something bad happen? Oh! Where are our donkeys?"

The fool told his wife all that he had heard from the liar's mouth.

The wife of the fool heard this, and felt unhappy too, thinking that she had done something inhuman. So she made a sincere confession, hoping to make up for her mistake.

After a time, the wife saw that the fool was still frustrated and did nothing at home. She said to her husband, "You can't keep doing nothing. Why don't you go out and buy another donkey to do your work at home?"

The foolish man listened to his wife and went to the market. He saw a donkey ready to sell at a glance, but after looking carefully, only to find that it was his former one. Taken aback, he leaned close to the donkey, put his mouth close to its ear and whispered:

"You unlucky fellow! Don't let me fall for it this time. Who told you to get drunk and beat your mother again? I'm not going to buy you and make you human again."

Then he walked away without looking back.


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