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Mittens the black cat

by Swami Prem Anand about a month ago in cat

The cat and friend

Mittens in her usual spot

Well it all started when I moved into this new house in a new neighborhood. I had met the roommate already and she was nice and in a way reminded me of my old cat when I was a kid. Pure black and meows all the time! I didn’t see it coming, but a love affair was on the horizon apparently. I found myself coming into this house with no furniture to bring. My new housemate offered a friend of her’s second hand bed for $250. It sounded great! And when I saw the photo it seemed even greater. There was this black cat again that I had met lounging on the sofa when I inspected the house. She was walking on the bed and little did I know that this was a place where she’d often come.

Once I moved in it was clear our relationship. When I would come how from work, there she would be, waiting for me with plenty of meows about the day and I would meow back. This was our daily routine. She would be silent all day with my housemate until I got home and then it was “Meow meow meow!” This cat loves me so much, after 5 months now she hasn’t waned even the slightest. I can be gone for an hour or two but when I get back it’s a meowathon!

And everywhere I walk she runs out in front of me. If I go into my room she sprints and jumps on the same bed that I received a photo of her standing on. Then she will meow until I pat her, then her meow turns from an incessant demand for attention to a deeply satisfied sound like to let me know that “yes, this is great! You do this all the time!”

Even when I go to the toilet, there she comes racing in front of me and refuses to leave! She’ll jump all over the toilet and onto my shoulders. She loves to climb up me and jump on my shoulders where she’ll stay for a few minutes before jumping down. She’ll jump up first with her paws on my chest and then proceed to jump up on my shoulders. I can walk about the room and house and she will just enjoy the ride.

When I’m cooking my food she will come to inspect there too. The kitten that also lives with us gets in on this too. In fact the kitten comes everywhere that Mittens the black cat goes. She just likes to know what’s going on everywhere, very curious! Right now as I’m writing this story, she’s watching me like “what are you doing?”

At first the kitten and Mittens the black cat didn’t get along so well. There was a lot of hissing from Mittens and a time where she was looking so sulky and sad and hurt that we would bring a kitten in the home. “Am I not enough for you? Am I not making you happy?” She would say to us without using words. But after a couple of weeks, they were getting along fine and playing and chasing each other around and Mittens was very good at putting her in line when it was needed.

When I make my bed, here they both come! A 2 minute job turns into half an hour of playing ‘chase the moving sheets’ and I will run my hand under the sheet and they will chase it with great amusement that “What is this thing hiding in the sheets? We must stop it!” They will run after it and wrap themselves around my hand under the sheet and try to stop this incessant moving thing.

I’ve been lucky that while I’m working a lot and in a new neighborhood where I don’t really know anyone that I’ve had these two buddies keeping me company. They’re always glad to see me and they always have a story to tell (especially Meowathon Mittens!). My housemate was worried about having a housemate after last two housemates taking advantage and stealing money even. But because she could see the love between me and Mittens and later on the kitten named Garlic, she could relax and trust that these animals know a good human when they see one.


Swami Prem Anand


I am a poet, meditator, artist and musican!

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Swami Prem Anand
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