Meet My Lion Head Rabbit Mrs. Nipples

Having a lion head rabbit as a pet

Meet My Lion Head Rabbit Mrs. Nipples

When you meet my Lion head rabbit you are definitely meeting a bunny with an attitude. She is full of spunk and free spirit. And if you are doing something she does not like she will certainly let you know that. She is also so sweet and she loves to cuddle. I got her from a breeder about 3 months ago. She was 8 weeks old when I got her so I have been raising her from a baby. I had my choice between a larger Rex rabbit and her. She was so adorable that I chose her to take home with me and we have been friends every since.

Owning a rabbit as a pet is not for everyone. People compare them to cats and dogs, but they are not like cats and dogs and require a lot of care. The thing to remember about rabbits is that they are prey animals. And spend much of there time being afraid. When you pick them up they want to be held close to you, it makes them feel secure. I groom Mrs. Nipples and brush her daily. There are days I skip the brushing in order to not irritate her skin to much. Grooming her helps to distribute her natural body oil,to keep her skin healthy,shiny, and soft. Also they shed a lot and you don't want them to digest a lot of fur. She enjoys being brushed and she loves the attention. As long as your not brushing her for a long period of time .After a while she will become irritated with the brushing. Mrs. Nipples is on a strict diet . For now she can only eat Tommy Hay and rabbit pellets. Pretty soon I will be able to introduce her to lettuce and some fruit, right now she is still young. She will have to be 6 months old before she can eat anything else.

The most important thing that a rabbit needs to eat is hay and I make sure my rabbit has lots of it. Eating the hay will prevent their teeth from overgrowing. If a rabbits teeth overgrow they wont be able to eat and will need to see a vet . Rabbits do not do well by themselves a lot. I make sure I take Mrs. Nipples out of her house regularly. She needs to be socialized and have play time. I have notice it takes a lot of patience and coaxing to get her out of her cage. She doesn't like leaving her house always. And at times to show respect for her space I let her stay in her home. I do make sure she comes out often .

She needs the exercise and besides once she is out of her house she has a good time . I have an office that I let her play in . And she loves hoping all around as fast as she can. She loves her playtime and it is important for her. In order to keep a healthy rabbit her house needs to be cleaned at least once a week if not more. A lot of people think that it is a good idea to give a child a rabbit as a pet. At Easter they think it is a good idea to surprise their little one with a bunny. I don't recommend this. As I said before they are not like cats and dogs. They like to be handled but to a point. Rabbits can become aggravated and scratch and bite. Children have the tendency to be a little rough. Rabbits really require a pet owner that knows what they are doing.

As with any pet you always want to show them your love. It takes a while for a rabbit to get use to you and their new surroundings. So don't be surprised if it seems the bunny is not warming up to you a first. Give it time and she will. I have to say that Mrs. Nipples is a joy to have. She is so adorable and actual has a sweet personality. I have fun with her every day. Rabbits make good pets to the right owners.

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