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Marie and me

by HANNAH STRACHAN 5 months ago in adoption

She needed me as much as I needed her

There are titles for people who have lost parents; orphans. There are titles for people who have lost a spouse; widows and widowers. But do you know a title for a parent who have lost a child?...I didn't think so.

Ever had that lingering feeling that something was missing? That is part of what I feel every day. Without my child. The only difference is that I know what I am missing. I also know that I can never have it back. I was fighting the urge to search. To look for my child that I knew was gone.

I'm a grieving mother. And if it were not for me adopting a cat I would be lost. Marie is not the only thing that keeps me going every day. But she is a big part of it. This is our little story.

I grew up with animals, like most kids I guess. After the age of 7 I knew I had a strong connection to cats. I was drawn to them, and they to me. People who know me call me the cat whisperer. This is why I chose to adopt a cat. And because I wasn't ready to have more kids after the loss I already had. It was just too much to bare.

I met Marie at a shelter in Texas a few months after I lost my 3 month old daughter. I was alone, scared and lost. I needed something to fill in this huge hole that was missing.

I just did not realize that she needed the same thing. Until I saw her. All of the cats at the shelter were very friendly. Wanting to be adopted and loved on. Marie was the only cat hunkered in her cage still. Scared about what was to happen to her.

I half expected her to be scared of me and not want to be picked up. But, when I did she clung to me. So tight, I could barely move her. I chose her because I felt like she needed me as much as I needed her.

Now, Marie is more outgoing. More brave and definitely more loved. She knows when I need her. She will come and sit with me. For as long as it takes.

And I noticed, when I was with my ex. We fought a lot and when I got loud she would come over to me and bite me. Not hard, just enough to let me know to stop.

She lets me know when she needs me too. She will follow me everywhere. And when I go to pet her she will grab my hand and hold it. If I try to let go she reaches out as if to tell me not to stop.

Marie and I will go outside sometimes and watch the birds. She is very curious of them but she never tries to chase them. She chirps back at them. It's cutest thing see!

Since the adoption she has been my solid foot on the ground. I believe we saved each other. She is my best friend. And I do not know what I would have done without her.

She gives me purpose and confidence. Marie is the sweetest cat I have ever met!

And do not let that fool you! She is sassy as can be. I swear I can look at her and just know she is about to do something that she knows she is not allowed to! It makes me laugh though. She is like a teenager, sweet but with attitude.

If you ever need a companion in life. Adoption is the way to go. They need us just as much as we need them. They do not just stay pets to us. They become friends and family. Saviors sometimes too.



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