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Losing a Pet

Burying One of My Best Friends

By MorbidlyCuteAriel LynnPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
The cat on the right is Salem, he is no longer with us. 

Rest in peace, Salem; you will never be forgotten.

Burying Salem

Pain seems like it will never truly end these days. Losing people is always a sad story, but they never tell you how bad it hurts when an animal passes on. I've never owned a pet before Salem. He was a kitten when we got him and he had a medical issue. The humane society found him on the street and operated on him due to the cyst in his eye. Some day in mid-October we went to the humane society to get a cat. We walked around for a bit until we found him. He was perfect. Our hearts melted when we heard his story, but we could tell he was a fighter. He chose my sister as we chose him. We brought him home and decided on the name Salem. It seemed fitting since we got him near Halloween, and he looked like a Salem. Now, this was quite some time ago. We had Salem for probably around nine or ten years. He was always a little off-kilter, never quite like other cats. We loved him with all our hearts, though. I cannot tell you how many times he was my confidante. So many times he sat and consoled me why I cried. He was there through so much. As time went on, Salem grew to be a full grown cat. He became distant in some ways, but he was still our cat. He would run around the house, curl up on my mom or with my sister. You could always find him near a window. He loved the outside, but we didn't want him going out due to his bad eye. We were frightened of something happening to him. We had many years together, just him and us.

Well, one day we decided to get a new kitten. We thought it would be nice for everyone, and we thought Salem would make a friend. We weren't wrong; in the beginning, him and Mini seemed OK, like they liked each other. As Mini got older, Salem didn't really want much to do with her. I think it's because he got jealous. As pet owners, that was our fault. Well, here comes the depressing part. My mom came to my room to wake me. She said he wasn't doing well. I wasn't sure what that meant, exactly. I found out once I got to the first floor. My sister had our poor cat wrapped up on her lap. He was shivering and sad. We thought maybe if he ate he would feel better. We made sure he had water and we gave him some soft wet food. He ate for a little, and we thought he would be good to go. We kept a close eye on him. He stayed close to us and didn't move much. Now, he had been acting odd for a few days. So we kept watching him. Terror struck our hearts when something changed. My mom was holding him in her arms when his body went stiff and his heart stopped its little pitter patter. I had never watched someone I love die before; that day I did. Worst thing I've ever seen in my life. My mom let me hold him, I wrapped him up and hugged him close. I hoped she was wrong and that he would start breathing again. I rocked my poor kitty back and forth, hoping that something would change. My family fell to pieces. I've never seen so many hearts shatter at one time in a room. Our cat was laying dead in my arms and there was nothing to do but cry.

While my family took care of getting his box ready, my boyfriend, friend, and I went out to work on the grave. Watching my boyfriend dig that hole was heart wrenching. It was almost as if I was having a bad dream. They had him all packed in with dad's blanket, toys, and anything else he could need. I carried him out to the grave. Once it was fully dug, I placed the box holding my dead cat into the ground. I sobbed as my boyfriend began burying him. There are not enough sad words to describe what this sight was like.

The first days were the hardest. We cried throughout them. Secretly, I hoped he would come back in, and that I had dreamed the whole thing. Of course, that wasn't the case. For days, every time I'd go towards the back I'd break into tears. I'd come home expecting him to be in the window; I'd wait for him to come and get food. Deep down, I know he isn't coming back, but it hurts so much to believe that. I keep telling myself he's in a better place, but how do you heal your heart after something like this? Today I cried again because he isn't coming back. Despite the hope that misguides me, we all know he's gone. It hurts in ways I didn't think I could hurt anymore. My family's hearts are broken. We miss our cat.

Words of advice to anyone out there with pets: they will pass away just as humans do. You don't think it will happen, but someday it does. I am not saying do not get pets; just that love them with everything you have while you can. Give them every piece of your heart while they're here, just like you should do with people you love.

Rest in peace, Salem; you will never be forgotten.


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MorbidlyCuteAriel Lynn

Hey guys, my names Ariel. I'm an aspiring author! Writing is my passion, I hope to someday change the world with my words.

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