Living with Rescues

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Who rescued who?

Living with Rescues

Living with a house full of pets means one thing... it gets CRAZY! So much barking and meowing, so much fur, food, play time and most importantly so much LOVE. I have so many dogs and some cats. Needless to say I have a petting zoo haha. But I love all my animals the same and as if they were my children.

I have 5 dogs, two were given to me many years ago from my great grandma, two we adopted, and one that we took in after my great grandma and grandma both passed.

If you’ve read my other story, then you know the story about Capone and Freya. Those two were adopted from the same shelter months apart. Capone and Freya are Pitbull mixes, Ollie and Lily are the original two. Ollie is a penny-poo (a breed I had never heard of until him) and Lily is miniature Eskimo aka German Spitz. And last but not least is Spike, he has been through so much with two of his owners passing away on him. He is a silky terrier and he’s the oldest.

Ollie and Lily came into mine and my boyfriends life about 8 years ago. We lived with my great grandma and she had adopted them and then gave them to us since Ollie was a puppy and Lily was still young herself and she couldn’t take care of them. We gladly took them and have loved them ever since.

Spike well he’s another story... he was originally bought for me when I graduated high school and so my cousin and I trained him. But I couldn’t stay at my great grandmas because I had a lot of doctor appointments to go to and surgeries to have. So he became my great grandma's dog and he loved her from the second she brought him home.

The story behind Capone is that my boyfriend had this friend and his friend couldn’t take care of his dog anymore since his other dog was fighting with him and his wife was pregnant. So he called up my boyfriend and asked him if we could take him in so he didn’t have to go to the shelter. Of course without a second thought we took him and cared for him.

Well we took care of him for a few months putting so much money into him because he got sick and well we take care of our pets. Well after the few months, he’s finally feeling and doing better and my boyfriend's friend messages him and calls him and wants his dog back...

I was pissed. My boyfriend got attached to the dog and so did our cats along with Ollie and Lily. I mean I cared for him too but it was nothing like what my boyfriend had. Anyways, my boyfriend contemplated for a few days and then finally gave him back because well he didn’t want to lose a friend and he could tell the dog wasn’t truly happy. By the way the other dog they had that constantly fought this dog had wandered off or someone stole him since he was a friendly person dog. After my boyfriend gave him back; he was upset, of course who wouldn’t be? But I was so pissed I wanted absolutely nothing to do with them and I never wanted to see them or go over to their place even though I had only met them once or twice.

After not talking for a while my boyfriend was in such a bad place and such bad depression he contemplated death. So I talked to my boyfriend and convinced him to go to the shelter. And that’s how we ended up with Capone. Capone is everything and so much more than the other dog. Capone helps my boyfriend with depression and everything. We adopted him at 6 months old and he is the best, sweetest, most gentle dog ever. He loves people and animals and is just a huge people pleaser. Since he was so much bigger and younger than Spike, Ollie, and Lily, we needed another dog to match his energy. So we got Freya.

Now about the kitties. My boyfriend had this job on a ranch and we lived on the ranch so he could work. (We had Ollie and Lily at this time.) One day my boyfriend goes to help his boss move hay and while the tractor is on he somehow heard the faintest mewl between the hay bails and looks down and there’s this tiny orange kitten screaming in fear. So he grabs the kitten found another one and brought them to me. Of course I wanted them. They were sooo cute and small. So he asked his boss and he said go ahead, they are feral kittens. So we took them. The next day my boyfriend goes back out to the barn to do his daily duties and finds the rest of the litter... well we ended up with five kittens and the mom was a partial feral cat so she came in and fed her babies and then left.

Once they were old enough I found two of them homes. I was trying for all to find a new home except two but that didn’t work. Then my boyfriend found more kittens from the same momma cat and moved her babies to safety again. When he saw her he showed her where her babies were and she was happy. Well out of this litter of kittens, they were so small and sooo curious. One out of this litter kept escaping and somehow came to our screen door and pounded on it until I opened the door to see what it was and ZOOOM! this tiny little kitten ran inside and up the couch to sit with my boyfriend and Ollie. He did that everyday multiple times a day. Since we couldn’t keep them in one area we brought them inside and put them in our bath tub and showed the momma cat once again where her babies were.

She continued to come and go and she pleased and was the sweetest feral momma cat ever. I found homes for those kittens as well except the little one that always wanted us. How could we get rid of him if he adopted us? We couldn’t. Now he lives with his three semi older siblings and our dogs. He’s so vocal, all he wants to do is talk all the time and I think it’s because my boyfriend used to talk to him as a baby. He used to always want to cuddle up with my boyfriend when we would watch Johnny Cash "Walk the Line" so since he’s black and white I named him Cash.

Having all these wonderful and loving pets, it may get crazy and it may make me nuts and want to give them up sometimes (I never would or could) I love them and they love us. I can’t even imagine not having all my babies. Pets are amazing and can do amazing for humans.

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