Lily Mae

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The cat 🐈

Lily Mae
The family cat: Lily Mae

Meet Lily Mae, the family cat. She likes to be petted and feed and loved on too. She really doesn’t like dogs that much because she attacked the dog outside one time. We tried to warn the dog but she had her mind set on smacking him with her sharp claws. Cats are adorable and awesome! I grew up with nothing but cats so yeah you know. Lily is usually a good girl. Expecting for her food bowl and water bowl to be filled up, or else she will whine meow about it. Other than that she is a blessing to be around.

Lily loves her feather ball I bought her last month. It’s got a brown feather on it, and the ball itself is blue and white patterned. It’s her favorite. She does have a wand with a feather and little beads on it too. I got that from PrettyLitter. She likes that litter only, and it doesn’t stink either unlike the other brands I tried. Her food has to be friskie’s because she likes the taste I believe. I bought her some other brand of cat food and she was like your crazy kind of look. It was funny.

Lily usually likes to sleep in my bed or on the couch or living room chair. I usually sit in the chair and she jumps up there with me and demands to be loved on. She bit my thumb because I wasn’t paying her any attention. It didn’t hurt when she bit me, it was a small nip. Another she nipped me I started to pet her and she was pleased. I’m thinking now I should named her queen because she acts so much like one. She is like my best friend, exception of her having fur. Lily is also silly too.

Lily likes rubbing her neck and chin on the empty boxes we have in the living room. Her chin loves to he scratched whenever she comes in contact with one of us humans at our house. Lawrence scratches her chin all the time. We got Lily from PetSmart, she was adopted, but she doesn’t know that. She likes her new home with us. And we love her so much. When we brought her home, she stayed in my son’s room under his bed and then she would get up in the middle of the night to get under my bed. She sleeps in her little cat bed, which is pink, and it’s also in my son’s room.

She is nice to everyone she meets as well. Cats are finicky creatures, but that makes them so special to be around. Cats are life. Cats are cute. Cats are adorable. The list goes on on what a cat can be. Lily is an enjoyable kitty cat. She is also calico as well. That makes her very pretty as well. She also likes to smack at small objects on the ground as well. Lily Mae is a great cat to have, and I’m so glad I adopted her from the pet store called PetSmart.

This is about Lily the cat. I hope you enjoyed reading up on about us, about her as well. Lily now wants to be petted. So I’m going to put my phone down so I can pet her. I done promised her that I would. Now she is giving me the stare down that she does so well. Hope you enjoyed this, be nice to your fellow cats. They are special. And I love cats. And there purring is precious as well. See you folks later.

Elizabeth Havens
Elizabeth Havens
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