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King Fatboy

by Brian Hastings 8 months ago in cat
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My feline son

One day I walked into a friend's house and for the first time out of several visits I laid eyes on her pet cat Charmin. He was such a beautiful specimen that I immediately shouted "oh my God I want him." Of course, she laughed my comment off but as I left I informed her that I would be willing to take him if she ever decided to give him a new home. Maybe a month later I helped her move to a new house and she allowed me to take him. I was overjoyed except for one thing, his name. I really didn't like his name. I feel that a pet's name should fit them and besides how soft his fur was the name wasn't a good fit. I debated what I should rename him and I looked at him and said " he is such a Fatboy" as soon I finished saying that he got up and walked over to me and meowed. Laughing I pet him and asked do you like that name or something, and again he meowed. That was it the decision was made Charmin became Fatboy. I was never one to be a significant fan of cats I was more a dog lover, however; I fell in love with him so fast. During our bonding period, I was sure to spoil him as much as I could with treats toys, and affection. I made sure to learn all I could about his habits likes dislikes personality and more. With cats you can't really claim them they have to claim you as their owner and it was about the third month that we had him when it became clear that between me and my wife it was me that he chose. Our bond began to strengthen more and more until he became my son and not my pet. I was unsure of his breed so after some research, I concluded that he is Persian for sure but may have a mix of another breed as well. Within Persian nature he tends to strut as if he is showing off for that reason I feel as if he feels like he is royalty, he definitely knows that he has me wrapped around his paw, he even tests this theory by doing things such as walking up and standing on my computer while I am using it and looking at me as if to say " do something about it" knowing that I would just pet him lovingly. I have had Fatboy for over three years now and just the other day he fulfilled his apparent task of stealing my heart 100% when he was sitting beside me on the arm of my couch and out of nowhere he lifts his head stretches his front paw out to my hand lifted my finger and made me hold his paw then laid his head back down and closed his eyes. I almost came to tears it was so sentimental and meaningful to me. He doesn't do any tricks or anything like that but there's one more thing I'd like to share that he does before I finish this up. He threw himself on the floor one day back in the first few months I had him and stretched out in front of me as if he was trying to look pretty, so I asked what he was doing trying to be a pretty boy? then a few days later I tried getting him to do it again to show my wife I started saying do pretty boy do pretty boy and finally, he did the same thing again, it is so adorable ever since then I can still to this day get him to do it by repeating those same words. This cat achieved the impossible he turned me from a dog lover to a cat lover, no scratch that into a Fatboy junkie. I can't get enough of him and until the day one of us departs he will be my most prized possession.


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