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Kiki the Kitty Boy

The Story of How I Got My Cat

By Erin RobertsPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

It was just a normal day. It was a Friday, I believe. My oldest daughter was spending the night at Grandma's and the youngest was still taking her nap. My boyfriend of nine years had told me over and over for nine years that we couldn't have a cat because he was severely allergic. I had my suspicions about this claim, as he frequently visited homes with cats and didn't have REALLY bad reactions.

A friend of our had found an add online that advertised, "3 Black Kittens—Free To Good Home." Her mom lives on a farm and needed mousers. The friend decided to go pick up the kittens for her mom to have as farm cats, but first, before taking the kittens to her mom, she needed to make a stop by my house. She told me, "I have kittens in my car if you want to see them before I take them to my mom." So, of course, being the cat crazy lady I am, I MUST see the kittens.

We get out to her car and she opens the back passenger-side door to reveal a large dog crate with a little heap of black fluff in the back. I creaked the cage door open and instantly the black fluff heap separates into 3 smaller fluff balls...two of them huddle back down in the back of the cage immediately while the other jumps up, arches up, and lets out a series of hisses and spits. That one was going to fight me no matter how big I was. I reached in and grabbed the little black hissing fuzzball and pulled it out of the cage. It stopped hissing, but was still a tangle heap of black fur and claws so I just held on for the ride. I brought him in the house, and by the time we had gotten inside the kitten was calm enough to be still; very tense, but still. I showed him to James, the boyfriend that was "allergic" to cats. He looked at the small black little ball of fur I had clutched to my chest and shook his head, looked up at our friend, and said, "You let her bring it in my house? I'm never getting it out now." So, throughout the day/evening we had discussions about stipulations and rules and all kind of other stuff that didn't matter because I HAD A CAT! That is what mattered to me was I had a CAT!! A BLACK CAT! The first thing I did was text my mom a picture of my newly acquired black kitten. My mom then showed my oldest daughter. One of the stipulations was the kids had to keep their room clean to keep it. I had to be able to keep up with the house still AND the litter boxes and such. We also had to find a way to feed and supply the kitten on our own. However, the hardest one for us to accept was the allergies. If James started having any kind of allergy problem, the cat was the first thing to go. I had already discussed with my mom; she would take him if that happened. My oldest daughter was EXTREMELY concerned about having to keep her room cleaned. Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out what we were going to use for a litter box, food bowls etc. for an impromptu kitty arrival. Well, after lots of tears from a concerned 7 year old, a little cold black nose to wake up a sleeping 2 year old, a foam meat tray from the garbage can, a few spare bowls from the kids' dishes and a trip to Mom's, we got it figured out.

I couldn't wait to show the little black kitten to my youngest daughter so I let the kitten wake her up from her nap. She woke up and looked at it a little confused for just a fraction of a second and it hit her quick: there was a kitten in bed with her! I don't think even the word ecstatic does this child's emotions justice. She was overwhelmed. She scooped up that kitten and hugged him up tight to her chest and buried her face in its fur. "A ki'ky! It's a ki'ky!" So, I immediately decided the kittens name was Kiki. Her pronunciation of 'kitty'.

For my oldest daughter, upon learning we already had the kitten AT THE HOUSE NOW, Gramma's house just didn't sound as fun anymore. She wanted to come home. So, off to my mom's I went. I also picked up some cat food and litter while I was picking up the kiddo. The oldest daughter was ecstatic, too. She kept wanting to change its name to a variety of Pokémon names.

Now, a year later, Kiki is still an ornery little Kitty Boy. His hobbies include sleeping, chasing mice, sleeping on high shelves that he's not supposed to be on, and knocking things off said shelves. We found out Kiki was a boy instead of a girl like we had originally thought, but that's OK, we still love him. James and I have since split up and Kiki has been a blessing to me that I couldn't have gotten through that mess without. He still has his mean side. He likes to chase and hunt bigger prey now, like my now 3 year old daughter. She still loves that little kitty that woke her up from her nap that first day... and so do I!


About the Creator

Erin Roberts

I'm 34 years old and am the mommy of 2 beautiful daughters and 1 ornery little black kitty boy.

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