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Jarvis: Superhero in His Own Right

Be super careful what you name your cats

By Toni StarkPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
My all time favorite picture of Jarvis.

I always tell people who intend to get a cat “Be careful what you name it, cats grow into their names.” I happen to know a few people who’ve named their cats Loki, or after other famously mischievous characters in pop culture, and their cats can be just such little bastards.

Apparently if you name yours after a computer, they turn into particularly clever jerks.

Let’s back up. I’m a Marvel nerd, have been my entire life. I looked up to Wolverine, Rogue and Storm as my favourite X-Men, I grew up watching Spiderman, and when the MCU hit, I was all for it. When I decided to change my last name to Stark, for reasons you can probably tell, it informed the name I wanted when I adopted a pet.

I met my cat with a different name, though. He was named after a street because he had been pulled from a house fire on that street. If you look close at his ears, you can still see some scars, but ultimately he’s doing very well. I fell in love with him immediately.

I also feel he has a very similar face shape to Paul Bettany, and he’s a ginger cat. The name “Jarvis” just seemed to fit so well. The former butler of the Stark family, who Tony named his AI after. It works.

Fast forward to a couple months after I brought him home. I was met with a tragedy. A friend of mine had passed away very suddenly. I talk a lot about how my cat really saved my life, but it’s hard to really impress exactly how.

The following months were very difficult for me. I was barely eating, my anxiety disorder really presented itself, I was having a difficult time sleeping. Jarvis would comfort me, and still does, by lying on top of my chest. I should note, while I adore when he does this, Jarvis is also a fourteen pound cat. He’s not fat, but I’m pretty certain he has some Mainecoon in him, because he’s just so big.

One day, I was coming out of the bathroom after having fed Jarvis, and he wouldn’t let me walk pretty much anywhere, so I told him “alright, show me where you want me.” He led me to the fridge.

He was reminding me to feed myself too.

He’s done this multiple times over the years I’ve had him as well, so it’s definitely not a fluke.

Another thing about pet names, it’s my opinion that you shouldn’t give a pet the name of a superhero. Let them choose that.

Well, Jarvis did that.

Part of my other reason for naming him Jarvis is because of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Yeah, cliche, I know, but I adored Vision, and have adored him even more after Infinity War and Wandavision, and only partly because it’s Paul Bettany, who is a gem.

Well, he seems to have figured that out and accepted it, and yes, I’ll tell you exactly how, probably with some long-winded backstory.

Infinity War specifically came out at a time when I was still dealing with the tragedy of my friend passing, but also my uncle and godfather. After seeing it, I came home and just held Jarvis very tightly, which he did not like. He’s one of those ginger kitties that is not super cuddly, most of the time.

After having moved and they finally put Infinity War on Netflix, I threw it on, but started to distract myself so I wouldn’t cry during THAT scene. I heard a meow, and looked up, and Jarvis was sitting on the TV stand, right in front of the TV, giving me a look of “it’s my time, put me in, coach.”

I think I started crying. He somehow understood what was going on, at least it seemed like it, and I continue to believe it. He still reminds me to feed him, yes, but also to feed myself. If I’m super depressed in bed, he tries to cheer me up any way he can.

He’s my own little superhero, in the best possible way. The only thing is, he refuses to let me get him a sibling.

Never name your cat after mischievous gods or computers. Let that be a lesson. Because they grow into those names, take on the aspects of those namesakes, and could backfire. I mean, in my case, it was worth it, but don’t chance it!

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