Jack the Dog

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Jack's Birthday

Jack the Dog

I don't know why today is different, but Momma seems really happy today. She tells me I'm a good boy. I am a good boy. I'm glad she noticed. But, oh! Today I am getting a lot more treats...

Oh, my God!

Are those cupcakes?!

Yes. Share the cupcakes. Share. Drop it. Drop it. Drop it.

Why are you laughing at me? Just drop the cupcake. I know it's for me, you have it over my head... Just drop it.

Oh! Crums! I love crums! I'm gonna lick them off the floor. Now, for the whole cupcake... Drop it...


Whoa! The whole cupcake! Oh. The icing tastes so good. And there's a bacon treat on it! This is a special day!

Momma's calling me a good boy again. But my cupcake is gone. I hope she'll give me another one. I know there are more. Momma's eating another one right now. No fair. I thought those were for me. Why is Momma eating my cupcakes?

And why is she giving them to that guy she keeps calling Daddy? I don't remember that being my daddy...

Oh! But he gave me a cupcake too! OK. He can stay. He's a good human.

Momma's smiling at me again. I like it when Momma looks at me. Oh! She gave me another treat! No cupcake this time... But that's OK! I like these treats too!

Another treat!

And another!

Another one! Today really is special!

"Sit," Momma tells me. I sat. "Shake." Momma gives me her paw, so I give her mine. "Catch." She threw the treat in the air! I jumped!

I missed... Where did it go?! It was just in front of me!

My new Daddy is holding it. Why does Daddy have it now? Oh! He's holding it for me now! He drops it in front of me, this time I catch it like a good boy. Momma notices that I'm a good boy!

"Go get your toy!" Momma tells me. I jump up! Where did I leave my toy?! I think it's behind the couch...

Yes! It's still here. Hooch hasn't taken it yet! I can be a good boy for Momma!

"Good boy!" Momma cheered when I came back with my toy! Momma reaches for it. But it's my toy. I don't wanna give her my toy.

Momma might get mad, but she's never yelled at me for doing it before, I turn away from her. Momma doesn't yell at me.

I take my toy to the soft floor to chew on it. Oh no! I hope I didn't hurt it. I better lick it to fix it. OK. My toy is OK. I can chew on it again. Oh no! I hope I didn't hurt it. I should lick it again. Good.

Uh-oh. Auntie Pinky is coming. Auntie Pinky is like Momma, but she lays down on me too much. I don't like it, but Momma doesn't do anything about it. But sometimes Auntie Pinky rubs my belly to make my legs kick. I like it when she rubs my belly.

Maybe if I roll over now, she'll rub my belly!

Wait. She's not rubbing my belly. Why is she playing with my face? No. Leave me alone. Rub my belly!

I sneeze at her. She screams. Momma is smiling again. Auntie Pinky is touching my face again. Momma looks sad.

"Your puppy has white hairs!" Auntie Pinky said. She's still pulling on my mouth.

"It's OK. He's a good boy!" Momma said. Momma called me a good boy again! I am a good boy!

"He's old!" Auntie Pinky yells.

"No!" Momma yells too. Why is Momma upset? Is that no for me? Is it for Auntie Pinky?

"He's five!" Auntie Pinky yells again. "Old!" She slaps my back a few times. Maybe she wants to rub my belly now! I should roll over for her.

It worked!

She's rubbing my belly!

Oh. It feels good.

Oh! Momma's coming too! Maybe she'll rub my belly too.

"It's OK, Baby." Momma said. Yes, it's OK. I have a belly rub. "Your white hairs are adorable." Momma said. "Give Momma a kiss. Momma's gotta go."

I don't like it when Momma says that, but I lick her chin again. I like giving Momma kisses!

Momma goes to the door with my new Daddy, and I roll back over. Where is she going? Maybe she's going to bed! I have to go too!

"Jackie, do you wanna come too?" Momma smiles.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I wanna come! Where are we going?! I wanna go!

Momma opens the door. There's another door. But I can see outside. I make sure there are no dangers for Momma out there first.

No squirrels. That's good. No people. That's good.

But it's kinda dark. We'll have to run to the car.

"Sit. Sit! Before we go outside." Momma says. I look at her. I might be missing something outside! There could be a new danger! I better check.

But Momma told me to sit. I better sit first.

"Good boy!" Momma says.

I am a good boy. I'm looking for dangers. Open the door Momma. It's safe right now. Open the door.

Momma opens the door. I lead the way to the car, and wait for Momma and my new Daddy. Come on! Hurry Up!

"See? He's a good boy. Doesn't need a leash to go to the car," Momma said.

I am a good boy! Let me in the car!

Momma is at the car now. But it takes a while to open the door. I hear clicking! It's time! It's time! It's time! Momma opens the door!

I can't jump to the seat. But I can get to the bottom first, then jump up.

"Careful, Baby," Momma says. She always says that when I get in the car. I'm always careful. I'm a good boy!

Momma and my new Daddy get in the car too. Part of the door disappears, and I can sniff again! No dangers there. I better check the other one too!

Uh-oh! We're moving. My legs shake. And not the way I like. I lay down. It'll be OK to just watch instead of sniffing. I guess.

Momma is talking. But it's not to me. So I stay still. My new Daddy is talking. But it's not to me. So I stay still.

I remember my old Daddy yelled at me and spanked my butt really hard once in the car. I don't want that again. So I stay still.

We stopped! Are we there?! What are we doing?! I gotta check!

There are a lot of lights! And I can see people!


They might hurt Momma.

I growl to warn them. They aren't moving.

"Jack. No. Be nice," Momma said.

I stop growling. But Momma doesn't know the danger. I growl again. Part of the door comes back up. I can't see as well...

I guess it's OK.

Oh! We're moving again! I better lay down. We don't move for very long when we stop again. The door goes down again. Much further than last time.

There are all sorts of new smells! I've never been here before! New place! New place! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out!

My new Daddy gets out. Yes! Open the door! Open the door!

His hand is over my head. Does he have a treat? OK. Give me a treat then let me out! Momma's not out yet though. Why isn't Momma getting out?

I better check on Momma. I sniff her check. She laughs, but pushes me away. She's OK.

Something is touching my butt!

Oh. It's my new Daddy! It's OK then! He pats my head a few times. That's nice. But open the door! Let me out!

Wait. Where are you going?!

The door is coming back up.

What? Why is my new Daddy walking away? Why am I not going with him?

It's not fair!

We start moving again. But I don't wanna lay down.

"Oh. Jack, did you want to go with Daddy? You can't, Baby. Not today. Don't worry, Puppy, one day we'll live with Daddy," Momma says.


I lay down again. When Momma finally opens the door, we're back home again.

I ran to the front door like a good boy! Momma follows me. I wait for Momma to open the door! I wanna go back inside! Momma doesn't make me sit to go inside.

Momma opens the door. I run inside. I see my toy immediately! I jump on it! I gotta show Momma!

"Good boy. Get your toy, and let's go to bed." Momma says.

I have my toy. I run to our room with my toy. Momma closes the door. I lay down on my blankie and lick my toy. I watch Momma as she wonders back and forth. Her weird square makes a lot of noises.


Momma has power of fire. She sets a little stick on fire and the room starts to smell funny. Momma does this every night. I don't like it. How many sticks does she have? When will she stop?


Momma turns on the TV. Momma turns off the light. Momma gets in bed. I look up at her. But Momma needs to tell me it's OK. When she's awake at least.

Momma pats the bed. I leave my toy behind. I stretch my back legs as I get on the bed next to Momma.

"Good cuddles," Momma says. I roll up, and can feel Momma's belly on my back.

"Happy Birthday, Puppy."

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