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Izzy Wanders

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By Ruby Estelle Published 2 years ago 4 min read
My Queen

I thought what would it would be like if I could see a day in the life of my fur ball if I left a spy cam somewhere so I could record her and watch her day sometime while I am away and she is playing in the garage. This should be interesting. I do not see anything that could go wrong. Usually she is in my room unless I let her run free because where I am staying has all outdoor cats with a cat gate but she is not an outdoor cat.

As much as I would like her to be free she doesn’t like the outside and always comes running back or just pretends like she is running away so I will pick her up because well this fur ball is a silly one. I’ve lost all my pets growing up and cannot risk loosing her running off on me because what if she never came back? Even though she is sick and I cannot afford a vet and don’t have a car I can take her to one with, I love her and always imagine what is my lazy baby up to when I am away.

Imagining I’d watch what she did while I was busy doing other things I sit down with a bowl of freshly made buttered popcorn and watch. Walking in front of the camera before going to the side door of the garage she stands up on her hind legs and opens the door. What? There’s a stillness and I can not see anything in the camera recording but the room getting darker as the time passes by slowly and the sun goes down.

Fast forwarding the recording getting bored and hoping for something interesting to happen. Sneaking back in I stop the fast forward button to see she has brought in what appears is a dead mouse. That is just her animal instincts I guess. Like the time I lived on Grand Street and before our white cat Esther ran away somewhere down the alley she had caught a bird and brought it to our feet.

Why doesn’t she play with the smarty kat toys I gave her? She never liked catnip and now she is finding mice. Watching her as I munch away at my snack she drops it from her mouth walking away uninterested sticking up her nose in the air.

Jumping up on the couch where my roommates’ husband usually watches television and smokes cigars she curls up after yawning and stretching out. She must have had a long day finding and chasing that silly mouse. Before too long she falls asleep and the only light in the garage is from the television and the moonlight coming in from the side door.

Another cat comes in from outside and jumps on the couch next to her and tries playing with her, and wakingher. They start playing like two baby kittens even though they are both full-grown. Mine rolling off the couch onto the floor and the other cat jumping on her they continue playing. Then Izzy hisses and wanders off elsewhere behind the couch so she can be alone away from the pesky cat who takes her spot on the couch stretching out and falling asleep, a mirror reflection of what Izzy was doing before wandering off behind the couch.

Little is the light that is shining from the television when I watch as Izzy walks back frombehind the couch and jumps back on it batting the other cat playfully waking her up and licking her affectionately like a mama cat with her babies. Eventually leaving each other alone Izzy jumps down from the couch and runs after something invisible to the eye of the camera.

Not long after the neighbors cat joins and they soon become bored and run away chasing each other. Izzy jumps up on the coffee table near the couch tipping over the jar sitting by the lamp. Watching while the juice spills from the jar the other cat being curious goes and starts licking up the juice before jumping back up on the couch licking her paw and cleaning her face from the remains of the juice.

Izzy joins her and ignores the spilt beverage completely as if she never tipped it from the coffee table. Jumping back down from the couch behind the couch I hear a meow and the other cat jumps down from the couch and Izzy jumps from behind the couch and playfully pounceson her.

They start playfully wrestling till they get tired and go back on the couch with each other. Getting cozy next to one another they curl up and start falling asleep after a long day of playing and chasing each other around. Before long a light turns on and someone enters the garage. Both of the cats awake abruptly from their slumber looking up and scurrying away from the couch running towards the camera back in the house before the camera dies and the recording is finished.


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Ruby Estelle

Im Kezia, Family oriented & fun, loving, nature, people, music & animal lover. photographer, writer, cook, artist, lover & creator! I aspire world venture, vlogging, making a foundation, having a positive impact & inspiring you💕


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