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I Thought I Would Be a Strict Dog Owner

Little did I know, all that would change.

By Samantha PoppPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Second picture from the Humane Society Facebook page they posted of him

At my parents' house, we never locked up the dogs unless they were puppies and still in the process of being house trained. They roamed free during the day when we were gone for school and work. Rachel (my sister) and I would come home from school and the dogs would come racing to the front door to greet us. Mostly, it was Lady, our little, black Cocker Spaniel that would ALWAYS bring us one of her toys to show us, but never let us have. We were definitely easy going dog owners at my parents' house.

This all changed when I moved out and went to University in another province and lived dog-less for about four years. I felt quite lonely. I did live alone so that didn't help, but I missed the company of a dog the most. Hanging out with friends from the University was awesome and all but I always wished I could come home to a happy dog that I could take for walks and cuddle with all night long.

It wasn't until I moved to Moose Jaw right after I finished my degree and found the main level of a house that I could rent from a lady I knew so she gave me an awesome deal. Biggest bonus about actually living in that house... I was allowed to have a pet, even a bigger dog. YEEESSSS! This was my a huge dream come true for me!

Now being a recent graduate with not a lot of money, I searched for dogs that needed a good home from nearby humane societies and SPCA's. I was down to the three closest ones: Moose Jaw Humane Society, Regina Humane Society, and the Swift Current SPCA. I had browsed their online adoptable dogs and cats, while researching the breeds I had seen on their websites and Facebook pages.

I've always wanted a larger dog like a German Shepherd or a Lab but my parents only wanted smaller dogs. Now it was my chance to get a bigger dog now that I lived on my own. My boyfriend, Cory, tried to convince me to get a medium sized dog and I agreed ONLY if I could find a medium sized dog from one of the shelters. It wasn't very common that you'd find a medium or smaller dog at a shelter. It's mostly bigger dogs that their owners couldn't end up taking care of or they couldn't accommodate a big dog anymore.

When I saw Twist on the Moose Jaw website, I instantaneously fell in love with him. He looked adorable and I wanted him. I was interested in a couple others but he really caught my eye. After getting some information about him from the staff, I asked to take him for a walk. He was so fluffy and what a chunkster (chunk mister, a mix I came up with—not an actual word, though).

After taking him for a quick walk, I decided I wanted to take him on a trial adoption. This is where you get to take the animal home with you for two weeks and see if they'd be a good fit for you and your house. Thankfully, Cory was in town to help me pick him up from the shelter and bring him home. We had bought a crate/kennel from Canadian Tire for him to sleep in and be locked in while I was away for the day at work and whatnot.

When we brought him home, Cory was training him for the crate and showing me how to train him. For that weekend, we locked him in his crate before we went to bed. A few weeks passed and I forgot to close the door to his crate a few times before going to bed. I decided to just leave it open during the night as nothing was out of place or thankfully destroyed when I woke up in the morning.

As time went on, sometimes I would play with him and jump on my bed and he would follow me. It wasn't long after that he would lay in bed with me at the end of the day. As of today, Twister dog (our nickname for him) sleeps with me every single night and we cuddle in the morning while I give him belly rubs. It sure is the life to be a dog in my house. Getting more spoiled everyday and why not? He's older and my rescue from the humane society. He deserves to be spoiled and get some raw ground beef with his dog food and my leftover milk from cereal. He's my baby forever.


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