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"I planned to keep a cat to catch mice, but the cat was scared by the mice and hid."

by bobo 2 months ago in cat
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Mention cat and mouse, what can you think of? Many people will think of the cartoon Tom and Jerry

In most people's subconscious, it is thought that: cat to catch mice is a kind of nature, every cat will catch mice.

But the reality is that a cat with no rural experience, who has never seen a mouse, can't catch a mouse at all.

There is a netizen comment, netizen moved back home to live, too long did not live, old home unexpectedly have mice.

So the net friend took advantage of the situation to buy a cat home.

I like cats, but my family doesn't agree to keep cats. So, with the excuse of a rat in the house, the Internet user was finally able to bring home a cat.

To his surprise, the cat not only could not catch mice, but was frightened by the mice and hid.

Is it clear that a cat is more afraid of mice than a man?

Think of here, the netizen is not angry dozen a place to come.

Spent more than 1000 yuan to buy a pet cat, bring home only as a "decoration" general good care.

Why are some cats afraid of mice?

Here, distinguish between adult cats and young cats, pet cats and farm cats.

First: kittens and pet cats are not good at catching mice

First of all, kittens are very small, leaving their mother too early, and they need to be cared for.

As for the kittens, they don't learn to catch mice around their mother, they just learn to scoop up feces, eat food and other skills.

Second, a young cat is simply not enough of a deterrent to harm a mouse.

In addition, the mice in the old rural homes are generally "wild" and do not fear such a small cat at all.

Finally, pet cats, who spend most of their lives in captivity, have no access to mice.

If you don't believe me, you can prepare an electric toy mouse for your pet cat to play with.

You will find that cats can not only catch mice, but also hide in the corner to peek.

Although the cat is curious about the strange thing, the cat's inner fear will eventually overcome the curiosity.

Pet cats are like flowers living in a greenhouse, vulnerable to wind.

Second: rural cat enough wild, strong survival ability

You know what?

The survival ability of a farm cat is the greatest.

If you take a close look at the stray cats around you, you'll find that rural cats dominate.

Garden cats are native cats that are highly adaptable to their environment.

How do those stray cats that roam outside find food?

Besides rummaging through trash cans, it's catching its own prey.

Birds, insects, mice, etc., are food for stray cats.

And for the rural cats living in the countryside, they have wild, is a "house guard" loyal cats.

The garden cat has seen much of the world, and is not afraid of mice.

As long as there are mice in the house, there is no way to escape the sight of the rural cat.

When I was living in my hometown, I compared my pet cat with my farm cat.

When the garden cat sees a mouse, it rushes to it and chases it.

The cat's reaction to seeing the mouse was to hide, turning into a state of "airplane ears" and blowing up all its hair.

It doesn't matter if a cat doesn't catch mice, but don't force a pet cat to take on the responsibility of catching mice.

Topic: Is your cat afraid of mice?


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