How to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Separation Disorder

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Dogs get lonely...a lot.

How to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Separation Disorder

Many people love dogs, they are fun to be around, fun to play with, and great walking or running buddies and sometimes they like to cuddle up on the couch with you. However, there are many dogs that have separation disorder. Separation anxiety is what occurs when your dog is left home alone and he acts up or he barks or whines until he or she gets attention. There are a few things you can do to make sure your dog is comfortable by himself or herself.

When you get a puppy don't make him follow you and don't forcefully cuddle him. I know it is hard not to be around your new friend, because he is so small and little and you just want to hold him and squish him so tight that he feels the love. Make sure that you are loving him the appropriate amount because if you become inseparable your dog will become insufferable.

After getting your puppy and he has been with you for a week, try putting him in another room with the door closed and see how he behaves behind the closed door. Does he whine? Does he bark? Try doing that for an hour and if he is okay by himself for an hour, then he will be okay at home on his own.

Rescue dogs. Rescue dogs are the ones that you need to be careful about because they were rescued from an abuser or had a hard life on the street. these dogs may have trust issues, but once they learn to love again, they will become very much attached to you, then when you leave they worry that you will never return. Make sure that at first he is not left alone for long periods of time. Then, bit by bit, you can leave them for a little longer and they will learn that you will come back.

The stress of a dog can lead to many different behavioral problems, she or he might start peeing in the house as a way to get attention from you or he or she might become aggressive. For some dog breeds, it is recommended that they are not left alone for too long because they will lash out. Dog breeds such as Husky, Border collie, and any working dog hate sitting at home, so then they destroy your couches and carpets and take out the garbage and make a mess.

In more severe cases the dog might actually try and hurt themselves, I have never seen this happen, but apparently, dogs have emotional behaviors similar to humans.

Some of the causes of separation anxiety might be a dramatic change in their life, such as a new home and they don't know why they were put in this new home and they might think that sticking to you is the only way to get through. Separation anxiety could also be caused by a death of a family member, especially if it was their favorite of the family. They might have trouble getting used to that person not being there, there are many incidents where the owner dies and the dog refuses to move from their spot.

There are some things that help if your dog does have anxiety, leaving the television or radio on while your gone can help. Other's recommend some soothing smells to help relieve tension in the dog. You could also leave something that smells like you in their bed (I know some might not want their favorite sweater covered in dog fur) but I heard that it helps. If you have a smaller dog, they enjoy small dog companionship as well. I know that my dog grew up with another chihuahua.

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