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How To Live A Rich Life.

by Malliha Ahmad 14 days ago in rabbit

From a tiny perspective.

I want to start off by saying that I live an incredibly abundant life. I literally came from deplorable conditions, and I'm now living (what most would call) the dream. A dream that some may consider luck, but I like to call it destiny.

Oh... And...

Apologies for my manners; you can call me Mr. Love (yes, that's my last name, and no, it isn't a pen name). But let's scrap the formality; you can call me Bun Bun.

If you're tired of living life on the hamster wheel, I may be able to help.

I'm not here to sell you on a get-rich-quick scheme; I'm not selling you on anything; I'm just here to share my story.

You may think that this all sounds familiar .... like, "Oh, this guy sounds like Kanye."

Before you decide to fan me off, hear me out.

I have a lot of poop (**I mean proof), receipts, and testimonies that can attest to the greatness of my life.

Let me give you a glimpse into my world:

FOOD IS GIVEN TO ME EVERYWHERE I TURN, free QUALITY organic (non-GMO, non-high fructose, non-artificial, non-MSG, non-everything food!).

I receive copious amounts of love (from everyone ... seriously ... everyone), live RENT-FREE, with free healthcare, free transportation, free travel, and the freedom to rest, relax, & restore whenever I feel.

Phenomenal humans handle ALL of my shopping needs (no need for me to go into busy, chaotic stores and wait in long lines). All of my needs are met, and things magically appear in my life. People fall in love with me quickly, and I have a lot of friends (near & far). I am agile, in shape yet soft (I mean ... who needs a rock-hard body?), with stellar hearing, extremely flexible (more flexy than a yogi), and don't get me started on my beauty ...

You may be wondering, how is all of this even possible? How can someone live such a rich life while doing nothing?

I know... I know... The only people that live like this are Royals, celebs, and maybe trust fund babies.

I'm neither of the three.

But I'm now respected like I'm all of the above. And I deserve it!

I deserve it all!

Especially when you're someone at the top of the food chain!

Top prey! Top protein!

I'm also the top pick for experiments, tests, pokes, prods, snacks, meals, and .... and ... don't even get me started!

On a lighter note, let's rewind. Let's get back to why you're here.

The HOW?

How is my lifestyle possible?

Well ... I do not have a clue, and this is supposed to be the part where I sell you on an e-book, course, or live workshop (that stuff is for millennials). I am too busy eating, pooping, sleeping, and eating.

But here's my advice:

Live care-free, cage-free, and hater-free.


Eat lots of veggies (or just be plant-based).


Give yourself permission to flop and breath.

Be direct about your likes and dislikes.

Live in the moment without apology, regret, or shame.

Be cute without cares.


Ask for attention and love.

Live for you and no one else.

Lay on your belly whenever you feel like it.

Drink lots of water.

Binky, like you mean it.

Daydream ... a lot.

Don't initiate conversation; just listen & stare.

Poop a lot.

Freeze when you're in awkward situations and look cute.

I can guarantee that my advice will change your life; try it for 30 days (if it doesn't work, try it again). If you see life-changing results refer people to this article or send me a testimonial.

Sending everybunny love, peace, & binky's

-Bun Bun


Malliha Ahmad

I'm writing fiction to welcome joy into my life. Thanks for reading my stories.

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Malliha Ahmad
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