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How to get the most out of your quarantine!

I am definitely not qualified to tell you this.

By Saber The CatPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
This is me 😽👆

So in case you didn’t read the title, I will be telling you what to do during quarantine so that you are not bored out of your mind. And if you did read the title, congratulations! You can read!

1. Okay, so the first thing you should do is feed your pets! Trust me, we love eating. Especially the salmon flavoured cat food. Yum. Is anyone else getting really hungry right now? But for real, feed your pets. Every. Single. Day. I have a big brother named Sully, and let’s just say he’s an ankle biter. If you don’t feed him before 6 AM then he will start biting. If you don’t know what kind of food your pets enjoy, try out a bunch of food! See which one they like best!

2. Play with your pets! Oh wait, were you expecting me to tell you really fun summer activities? Fineee. I guess I will. But you should still play with your pets!

3. Make friendship bracelets! My owner just taught me how to make fishtail bracelets! If you want a tutorial on making some bracelets, let me know! Some fun, summer-y colours to use are; light blue, yellow, pink, pastels, and many more!

4. Jam out to some music! I love dancing with my owner! We were just listening to ‘Good feeling’ by Flo Rida. My owner loves throwbacks. Let me know if you want a playlist! If I ask nicely, my owner might let me tell you all some of their favourite songs!

5. Adopt more pets! Some pets get lonely when they are all by themselves. Not me though! I have a big brother named Sulley. He has silky grey fur! I also have a big sister named Sweetie! I hear people call her unlucky sometimes because she has fancy black fur but I think she’s really pretty! I’m the youngest. I’m 6 years old. Sweetie and Sulley were both born from the same litter, 17 years ago! I still love them though 😻

6. Go to the park! Going outside is always a good idea! You get exercise and you get to watch squirrels and birds! I love the outdoors. Sometimes my owner takes me on walks to the park. We have to be careful of other animals though, especially dogs! I do love chasing birds though. I’m sure your pet would love if you took them to the pet!

8. Make a scrapbook! There are lots of pictures of me and my siblings all around my house. Our owner took a couple of them and made a scrapbook! You can use anything in them! Pictures, plane tickets, and more! My owner put a paper from our vet in it. Yuck. Vets are scary. Well, I don’t know what the paper says anyway. I can’t read!

9. Organize your room! It’s so much easier for pets to get around when you have a organized room. It’s also easier for us to find the treats! Yummy. You can go to the store and get organizers to help you tidy stuff up! They are really helpful. You can also get a new scratching post or two and put them in your newly clean room! If you want some diy tutorials on how to make homemade stuff then let me know!

Sooo... I guess that’s everything for now! Let me know what else you want to read about! But for right now, I’m going to go use my litter box. Maybe next time I’ll do an interview with my brother or sister? Alright, I’ll see you soon!

Thanks for reading,

Saber The Cat



About the Creator

Saber The Cat

Hi, I’m a cat named Saber.

Searching for catnip since ‘06.

I still don’t know how Talking Tom thought he was a cooler cat then me 😹

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