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How to Cut Dog Nails With Hurting Him

Toenail clipping is a popular issue for everyone who lives with dogs and wants the best for them.

By Petofy - Everything PetsPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read

Dog Toenail clipping is a popular issue for everyone who lives with dogs and wants the best for them. Because a dog's nails and paws are extremely sensitive, it's no wonder that some dogs respond to nail trimming like it's their scariest nightmare.

After a terrible and painful nail clipping exposure, many dogs acquire an immense phobia of nail scissors and nail cutting. So, every dog owner should know how to cut their dog's nails properly.

But what if your dog dislikes getting his nails clipped? You know, weedy nails can cause severe pain and have a significant impact on your dog's life.

The problem a pet dog would face with long nails -

1. It will lead to bleeding

2. Dog permanently afraid of nail trimming

3. Some pet parents get too emotional while trimming their dog’s nails. This will increase their dog’s anxiety level.

4. Dog will face foot pain.

5. Long nails affected toe joints; this will decrease a dog’s mobility.

6. With long nails it will be hard for him to walk normally, climb, jump.

No pet parent will see their dog in pain. As a pet lovers, we also don’t want to see any pet parent and his pet in trouble.

This complete guide on “How to cut dog nails” will help you to perform this task easily and safely.

How To Cut Dog Nail: Step By Step Process That You Should Follow

1. Check Your Dog’s Nails –

Dog Nail Trimming Tip

Before starting anything make sure your dog’s nails are long and need a cut. To check this, have a look at your dog’s nails and see if these are touching surfaces. You will also hear a sound when your dog walks. That time you can be ready to give a nail cut to your dog.

2. Gather all things – After deciding to trim your dog’s nails, gather the all equipment to perform this well. Like a nail cutter, dog nail grinder, some warm water, a towel, your dog’s favourite toy, etc. I am telling you to do this activity because if you go for things and will leave your dog between the trimming he might run or hide somewhere.

3. Remove hairs and wash paw – If your dog has long hair then you should first clean the hairs around this paw and nails. Thus, you can see the nails clearly. After removing hairs wash his paw with little warm water this will help to make his nails a bit soft to cut.

4. Pick up the dog’s foot –

Dog Nail Trimming Tip

After washing his paw, you should always lift his paw on your hand so that you give him a nail cut closely. The close you will reach to his nails the perfectly you will give a cut.

5. Know where to cut –

Dog Nail Trimming Tip

If you don’t know where you should cut your dog’s nails then I will advise you to not cut your dog’s nails. Because a wrong cut can hurt your dog, and this will make his nails bleed. For the right cut, you can ask the vet or can check on google. Different dogs have different nails. So please make sure that what type of your dog’s nails are.

For example, if your dog has white nails then you should avoid cutting the nails pink part.

6. Cutting Angle –

Dog Nail Trimming Tip

Don’t cut your dog’s nails straight across always give a cut at 45 angles.

7. Don't Do It in Hurry - I advise you to please don't cut your dog's nails in hurry. If you don’t have enough time to make this process nicely then don’t do this. On this condition, you can visit the nearest groomer shop to cut your dog’s nails. If you really want to do this by yourself, then you will have to be patient. If you cut your dog's nails in a hurry, he is at increased risk of injury. As people said – haste makes waste.

To avoid this, you should give a short break to make your dog comfortable and feel him this is going to be very easy for him.

8. Nail Grinder –

Dog Nail Trimming Tip

If you think that you cannot cut more than you have cut then you can use a dog nail grinder to grind your dog’s nails and can short those easily.

9. Reward With Treat – If your dog also supporting you well then don’t forget to give him a reward by offering him some favourite treat. This will motivate him more to cut his nails. Nail cutting is not easy for your dogs also.

I hope these tips will help you to cut your dog safely and easily.

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