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How I Help Ease My Mom’s Anxiety

How Dogs Help People Cope With Mental Illnesses

By Victoria MorrisPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Hi, my name is Moose! I was born on October 15, 2015. My birth mom's owners said I was a mistake, but I knew that I had a purpose. That is when my REAL mom came into the picture! When my mom adopted me, I was very sick, could barely keep my eyes open, and food was not at all appetizing. My concerned mommy took me to the vet and found out that I had level-four Coccidia (NOT FUN)! She did everything possible to get me healthy again. She fed me pumpkin, rice, and a little bit of coconut oil to help my tummy and cleaned up my explosive accidents multiple times in the night. (Sorry, Mom!) My mom saved my life, but little did she know I would be saving her's.

My mom has an anxiety disorder, a major depressive disorder, and a panic disorder (geez, what a mouthful). But when my mommy is feeling down, I know just what to do! If she is too sad to leave her bed, I cuddle her until I can manage to get her up and out to play with me! When she is feeling a little anxious, I run to her and make a silly, funny face just to make her laugh! I have found that giving my mom lots of cuddles and little nudges with my head and paws helps her get out of her funk, and I do it whenever she needs me to!

I will go anywhere my mom will let me. Car rides are a blast, and I see some BIG dogs. I love to go everywhere with her, but when I get home and tell all my other dog brothers the stories about where we go, they don't believe me! I think they're just jealous. My mom says that sometimes it’s nice to have me around and be with her in places normal dogs can’t go. Sometimes she takes me to the grocery store and she expects me to be on my best behavior, but it’s so hard! Does she not know that the grocery store is a HUGE buffet? I know she can be a little crazy sometimes, but really? Sometimes, she can't take me with her and tells me I have to stay home and hold down the fort while she’s gone (whatever that means, UGH).

I like to think I’m very outgoing and adventurous. I love to chase birds and especially those pesky squirrels! My mom took me swimming once and boy, was it an adventure (ssshhhh! don’t tell her, but I’m still not sure about it). Like I said, I’m super adventurous, but my favorite thing is making my mom feel loved. I comfort her when she's driving to new places (which causes her anxiety), jump onto the bed with her in the mornings for belly scratches, or follow her around when she just needs a little extra help and needs my cuddles that day!

I love my mom and I know she loves me. She's given me a life I know I wouldn’t have ever had without her. I know I wouldn't be here today if she hadn't saved me and given me the care I needed to get better. My mom saved my life when I was in need, and now with all the things I help my mom with, I know my purpose.

A Day in the Life

Adventure Awaits

Outings with my mom on those days she needs me most.


Kerry Park

Did I mention I have an awesome dad?


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