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To Act As A Cat

By KRISƮIΔN🐲🐱🐲PROUDPublished 2 years ago 8 min read
My counterpart and I.


Animals don’t get the credit that they truly deserve, and cats ESPECIALLY, do not receive their roses. It’s blatant when you put into perspective all that cats have contributed to humanity, going back from Ancient Kemet or Egypt, to modern day American cat videos all over the internet. Cats have a calm, dignified way of putting people at ease. Since even before humans ‘civilized’ (so to speak) Earth, cats and other animals have inspired them simply by way of being who they are. Some examples of the ways in which humans have picked up techniques from animals, are the rituals enacted by shamans from all around the world, who allow their bodies to adopt the animals anima, moving like the being, having been filled up with the spirit. Martial artists are also known to have based their styles off of animal forms and behaviors. In Norse mythology, a fylgja is an animal spirit who is tied to a person from birth, until death. It is believed that these spirits are an integral part of the self, and share many, if not most, lives together. This can be compared to the more well-known (but less accurate) ‘witches familiar’ in the new age community. For a more modern take on this theme, we can observe Pokémon, which is essentially a franchise that gets deeper into utilizing spiritual wildlife as a force for good, by seeing oneself in it, and applying these archetypal energies in a constructive way. In the western world, we also have Americans naming their professional football teams after panthers, eagles, jaguars, and many others. While this is almost assuredly an act of self and team empowerment, it too, gains from nature the very thing it seeks within. No matter how far humans will try to separate themselves from it, they just can’t seem to escape nature, because it is who they truly are.

Although this society as a collective has put the most emphasis and focus on external technology, within these extracurricular (and, to me, extraneous) ways of being there are still dashes of the natural creative essence here and there, which rise and fall, as all things do. The waves might feel as if they are a call to our origins. One may argue that the inspiration of nature is the greatest inspiration of all because it needs no introductions, nor lavish ‘explanations’, which oftentimes lead to a disarray of focus, and a distraction of the initial motivation. Well, there is no space for distraction when it comes to natural laws, and taking the path of least resistance, specifically. The tongue of nature is visceral to a point of teaching without words, and instead with direct feelings. It’s a matter of ‘if you know, you know’. The true definition of this, however, can only be truly felt (of course, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think that was cliché). It is the same as the familiar feeling one has when facing their aforementioned fylgja. A feeling that is to be felt. Alas, in a futile attempt to share the celestial explosions that happen within my soul, I will still write about how I feel, and what flows through me… because that is what this is all about, isn’t it?

Exhibit A: Your run-of-the-mill, relaxed, and regal housecat. Note the body language.

It’s about expression, and body language is one of the most accurate ways in which to engage into communication with another consciousness. There is a sort of zen to it, which is something that cats can teach humans, if they’d only just listen. By tapping into body language, we actually align our vessels with different keys. When these keys are brought together they create harmonies, which then together create symphonies. The rhythmic reincarnation cycle reverberates into, throughout, and out of itself. I will do my best to show you what I mean.

In my mind’s eye, I see a child… 5 or 6. He is completely obsessed with dinosaurs, and since he’s seen Jurassic Park, he acts like a velociraptor sometimes. It wouldn’t be any big deal (no judgment here) but he freaks out the family cat, and she goes running away, ears back, heart racing. One day, he has to stay home from school, because he is sick. He lies down on the couch, with a blanket over him, and does his best to stay warm. The family cat, in all her divine splendor, jumps up on the couch and makes herself comfortable on the child’s thigh. She begins purring audibly, as the animated movie that is supposed to make him feel better continues to play on. The child healed in no time, and from then on was much nicer to the cat, feeling her on an emotional level.

Lil shy.

This was the story of Anastasia.

In my mind’s eye, as I drift into my own faith of relaxation even deeper, I am now brought to a broken home, in which the same child has now grown to be about 11 years of age. There is another black and white cat here, but not the same as the one before. Her fur is longer, and she is much more social. The boy once cut her whiskers on only one side, leaving her heart unbalanced. They grew back, and the boy apologized. When she got older, her worlds began to blur more and more, meaning that she was seeing beings from different dimensions manifest before her very eyes. The boy wondered if this could have been because of him cutting her whiskers, and making her unbalanced, and quick to frenzy…? He did not know, and couldn’t come to an accurate and well thought out conclusion. He decided that he would love that cat. And he decided that even if her schizophrenic-like behavior had stemmed from the previous wounding of her sense organs (whiskers), he needed to forgive himself for hurting her and continue to love her. The boy cherished her for her wisdom, and she lived a long and beautiful life, transitioning, when the time came, with great elation to continue the healing that was happening on a mental level.

This was the story of Tabitha.

In my mind’s eye, I see the same boy grown as a young man. Specifically, he is at the lion exhibit at the zoo. It seems to be a normal overcast day… whatever ‘normal’ means to a human anyway. It’s the kind of day that the young man loves, because of the way the clouds rain on everyone when they cry. There may have been some roaring wind in the distance, but for the most part, there was a silent potential in the air that exuded fearless serenity. The lioness came up to him upon seeing him, then promptly walked away. She approached both her parents, and brought them to the young man, who was standing intently on the other side of the glass. Each parent felt the young man through their hearts and whiskers, then kindly walked away. The lioness, however, stayed. She stayed by the young man’s side as he walked around the entire exhibit. When he would begin to run, she would chase post haste. When he’d stand there and just take in her beauty, she’d rub against the glass, lick it, and spike both their energies louder with her thunderous roars. He was the only one who was able to spark the lioness’ heart that day. She followed him everywhere, or rather, her soul followed his. But isn’t it so, that one is the soul, and not the body? Or are we both?

After the lioness' heart has been soothed, petting may commence.

There is a very specific reason cats were worshipped in the area that is currently known as Egypt. The entire Feline and Panthera families are the souls of, and the species of… inter-dimensional beings, who actually have a history involved with seeding the human race and soul group. This is why humans worship and revere cats so highly. We astral travel all the time when we ‘sleep’. Have you ever seen the way a typical housecat will just relax into themselves, in a way that is comfortable and deeply soothing? There is no resistance. It is faith. Someone once said that faith’s physical manifestation is relaxation. If there is one thing a cat will do, it is keeping the faith, for the sake of spiritual healing.

Note the spiritual, yet still independent and wild demeanor inherent in the eyes.

This was the story of Sekhmet… and now this is the story of Honey.

I am Honey. I am the feline companion and fylgja of Kristian. I saw this Vocal+ challenge when he was away lifting boxes at his grandmother’s house, (he’s such a peach) and I figured that I should use it as an opportunity to get out the many truths on felines and our sacredness, (especially when in relation to the human collective soul mission). It is true. We are beings originally from another dimension, and we have seeded your race. We do our best to be your companions and your confidantes… but you are going backward as a society. You try too hard. You do too much. This is why I am typing this and entering this story. I want this to go viral and for everyone to see… I want the world to see the ways of the cat… which go back generations upon generations. Let everyone be in awe of me, Honey, the amazing typing cat… but learn deeper of yourselves when you do. See me as a reflection, extension, and aspect of yourself… as I see you. We as cats know how to be at peace with the flow of existence… humans do not. I type this as a plea to the human race. Earth needs you to come back to her. Return to nature and oneness or forever hold your peace.


About the Creator


Kristian Proud is a human being, born on March 30th, 1995 at Highland Hospital in Rochester, NY. Their first book was self-published in 2019, as a large collection of poems entitled ‘Majesty & Travesty’, and many more are planned on the way

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