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Home Alone

by Hytes 5 months ago in dog

When Scully's family left to run errands for ten minutes, they forgot one minor detail: Scully

A one-year-old troublemaker must protect her house when she is accidentally left home alone by her family while they go run errands.

It was 3pm on a regular Thursday afternoon. Scully was sleeping in one of her three dog beds positioned throughout the apartment, her 30 pounds of chunk flowing over the walls of the bed. Though unconscious and audibly snoozing, one ear was erect into the air...listening.

First, there was shuffling.

Then, the sound of jeans shimming off the floor.

She heard a zip.

Pants are on! That's it! That's the signal! Scully tried to jerk her body up, thrusting and wiggling like a seal flopping along the beach. Finally, she got to a sitting position and bolted to wait by the door. Like a Pavlov dog, Scully came to learn in the last few months that the sound of pants pulling up meant Mom and Dad were going out.

As predicted, Mom and Dad came out of their home-office room in a flurry. They blitzed around the living room, barking about "cell phone!" and "mask!" to each other. Scully watched patiently as the two hopped around putting on socks and shoes, grabbing their keys and wallet toys as well.

Get the leash! The leash! Scully whined to zero acknowledgment. She snorted in impatience and scurried into the bedroom where she had been valiantly wrestling it earlier, thinking it was a snake intruder. Leash now delicately in her teeth, Scully trotted back to the living room. The empty living room.

Not a sound. Not a scent. Not a Mom or Dad.

They left.

Without her.



Scully's jaw opened and the leash hit the floor.


Oh my Dog they abandoned me for eternity I'll never see them again how could they be so cruel to me where am I anyway oh right I'm in the kitchen WAIT WHERE IS MOM AND DAD??? They've been gone for days at least I'm starving to death and what if bugs or snakes or intruders try to invade and attack me??? She thought...then stamped her paw down.

No. This is my house. I have to defend it.

First, she'd need to puppy-trap the place. She didn't have any string to use as a trip wire for potential intruders, so she cleverly improvised by grabbing the toilet paper from the bathroom and dragged it back into the kitchen. There, she criss-crossed the paper by the door like a laser field.

That should do the trick.


Suddenly, Scully noticed something suspicious in the top right corner of the room. It looked like a big metal bug with a flashing red light.

An intruder! The sneaky thing must have outsmarted her toilet paper ply ploy! Scully leapt over her own trap in dramatic fashion, then ran toward the bug barking threats and obscenities at it.

But then--- a creak at the door. The sound of shuffling. Someone was coming! Or two? The bug must have been a diversion...she was outmatched!

Scully stood squarely facing the door, summoned the strength of her far-far-far off wolf heritage, closed her eyes...and HOWWWLLLLEDD.

The door swung open and two silhouettes crept inside...



Scully jumped for joy, nearly blacking out in excitement. Had it been months since they left?

"Scully what have you done? We were gone for ten minutes, tops!" Dad exclaimed.

Mom kneeled down to Scully's level and kissed her snout.

"Oh Scully, you filthy animal!" She said between face licks.

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