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Hilarious Truths About Cats Will Make Every Cat Owner Laugh Out Loud

Cats are weird. Cats are wild. These hilarious truths about cats will make every cat owner laugh out loud in the best way possible.

By Mackenzie Z. KennedyPublished 7 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - October 2017

Owning a cat is an experience that is hard to describe unless you have actually lived it. They can be your best friends, biggest embarrassment, and the most Instagram-worthy cat buddy you could ever ask for.

If you've owned a cat, then you'll totally get these hilarious truths about cats — and yes, you'll be laughing your butt off about them.

One of the most hilarious truths about cats is that they are basically like tiny, fuzzy roommates that have smoked way too much pot during their time in college. They stare at walls. They like to lay like blobs on your comfiest sofa. They constantly have the munchies.

What else can we say? It's like that one crazy roommate you had back in the day.

Cats really do think they're James Bond when they pull sneak attacks.

You might be eating dinner, but watch out — random cat paw swatting at your steak! Cats are always on the prowl for their next sneak attack, especially when they feel neglected.

One of the most hilarious truths about cats is that they never seem to realize they are not as sneaky as they think they are. (Lookin' at you, kitty.)

This is particularly true if your cat is an asshole. You'd be amazed at how many cats love to just swat things off tables, ledges, and even chairs. They will not care if it's the Holy Grail filled with Dom Perignon, either; they'll make it tumble.

Cats can be pettier than the cast of Mean Girls.

Owners, you guys can sympathize with me on this one. Cats do things they know they're not supposed to do when they feel slighted or annoyed. Revenge poops are a thing, as is revenge puking.

Okay, admittedly, this might not be one of the most hilarious truths about cats, but it's a truism nonetheless.

How did the cat get in the toilet? Who knows?

One of the most hilarious truths about cats is that you never know where you'll find your fuzz when you get home. As a cat owner, I've had to fish cats out of cabinets, toilets, bath tubs, book cases, shoe boxes, the tops of doors, as well as garbage cans. They get into everything, and hilarity often ensues.

Boxes make excellent cat containers.

Cats may self-load into boxes at random. Most boxes are compatible with Self-Loading Cat models V.2.0 and V.3.0 (Maru Version). Always check a box before you kick it across the floor, as cats can be present.

Seriously though, boxes are the best cheap homemade cat toys out there. Cats can't resist boxes, so don't throw out those shoe boxes, k?

Few hilarious truths about cats are as eyebrow-raising as this one. Cats will fight with toasters, cucumbers, window blinds, and even treadmills. Do not try to understand their struggles with the inanimate; you won't.

If you thought your crazy roommate who argued with a mailbox was bad, wait until you see Fluffy argue with a toaster and then inadvertently try to destroy your life.

They're naturally photogenic...sometimes.

Smoothie the Cat

Cats love to pose as majestic creatures, however, one of the funniest truths about cats is that they aren't always that majestic. They're ridiculously goofy and downright wonky sometimes. And, if they somehow are majestic 24/7, there's always an app or two that can change that.

We totally understand why having cats of Instagram is a thing.

As adorable as they are, they sure got the whole "destruction of property" thing down pat. They will wreck your stuff — and you won't be able to get mad at them due to the cute factor. This is one of the more sad-but-funny truths about cats.

Yeah, they just wrecked your vase. But, look at that face. Can you really hate them?

Speaking of which, potted plants are a no-go with cats.

You say potted plant? They say makeshift litterbox.

You will have hilarious moments with cats that you won't fully be able to explain.

Maybe, it's that one time you caught them drinking from the toilet. Maybe it's that time you got unceremoniously pushed out of bed by a hungry kitty. Maybe, it's something else that you really can't explain unless others were there.

Cat owners will get this. It's one of those truths about cats you have to fully experience to really understand. Not all cat moments are really explainable to outsiders.

This is one of the few truths about cats that make everyone's heart melt. Cats are very loving and affectionate pets — but you have to earn a cat's love in most cases.

Even so, having a fuzzy baby who loves you so much is a really amazing thing. That's why so many cat owners can't get enough of their pets.

But sometimes they're divas who get tired of your ish.

This is one of the truths about cats that you just can't deny. They are divas at times, and to a point, can be very demanding of your attention. However, they look so cute when they're angry, it's nearly impossible to hate on them for their behavior.

Yeah, we don't know how cats make those sounds, either.

Cats occasionally have hunting fails.

Remember that time your cat was supposed to be a mouser, but ended up just making friends? Yeah, that's why we love them.

It's one of the funny truths about cats and kittens. For the brave lion-hearted hunters they're supposed to be, they just really don't show it. They're softies in the best way possible.

This is one of the truths about cats all cat owners have had at one point or another. They are showing their bellies and it looks so cute! They give you big kitty eyes, and then when you pet them...YOW!

I mean, it's possible to teach your cat to love belly rubs. However, you'll need a lot of bandages for your hands before that happens. That's just part of life with cats, though.


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