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Guinea Pigs Galore! Part 1

by Nocturnal Musings 4 years ago in guinea pig
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A Day in My Life

My garage. The one place there were no pets.

A says to me out of the blue, "Can we get a guinea pig for the girls?" She knows I'm going to say to yes. If it's not a person, and it needs a home, I will probably take it in. A is the same way. That's why we've already got 5 dogs, 5 ferrets, 3 cats, 4 rats, and a smorgasbord of fish. D is not the same way at all, although he is pretty understanding when it comes to certain situations, so he quickly caved in this instance.

So A says to me "Can we get some guinea pigs for the girls? They are free and come with a cage. Someone abandoned them and this man found them in an empty apartment." YES. YES, WE CAN! BRING ME THOSE POOR BABIES! And that is literally all we know about them. This guy could have been telling the truth, or he could have just been dumping his unwanted pets off on me for all I know. He says some people moved out of their apartment and left them all behind. Seven of them. Seven floofy little cute boys. I have never had any interest in owning guinea pigs. They are cute, and I love all beings, just not my thing. So the intention was to keep two for our younger girls and find good homes for the rest.

They came into our garage in 4 cages and one tub. We are carrying them in and I spot two long haired ones. "OHMYGOD THEY HAVE LONG HAIR!" I squeal.

D says, "I just wound up with seven new pets didn't I?" Two pairs and three solos. Their bedding was fresh on top and their odor wasn't offensive. They appeared well fed although skittish. I wish I would have taken a photo of their nails though. Their nails were literally spiraling out of control. The nail from this toe would spiral around the toe next to it, clearly making walking uncomfortable. All I can say is I am so happy there weren't any puncturing their skin, poor babes.

We've got them in the garage for now and set them up with some timothy hay and guinea pig pellets and fresh water. It was a little late in the evening to do much else. They are all very timid. I have been doing research and watching videos to educate myself on my new friends. And of course, the children are in love already.

I would love to say the first 24 hours went well for all the guineas. Unfortunately, that's not the case. The first morning, I made a huge mistake that proved to be fatal for one of the long-haired boys. I feel like a grade-A a**hole right now. It is all MY fault. I will address this in the next update.

I spent the first few hours just talking to them and putting my hands in the cages. I didn't want to handle them too much until we could address their nails. I learned that they don't like to have their butts touched, as they are prey animals and its how most predators will snatch them up. I also learned that they love most veggies so we gave them some lettuce to munch away on.

A friend was over and went on a tirade about how Guinea pigs are gross and she would never own one. She has zero pets, she's not a pet person. She loves other people's pets, just doesn't want any in her home. One of the solo big guys, the shyest one, just kept sticking his head out and staring at her. She was impressed with his size & started asking me some questions about him, like are they up all night? Do they make a lot of noise? What do they eat? Etc. I gave her some lettuce to feed him. It was the first time he came out of his little house, and he ate the lettuce from her hand. I was impressed! I told her... He picked you!

And boy did he! I watched this tough-as-nails chick completely melt over a guinea pig! Miss I don't want any pets in my house fell in love with this big boy and took him home that first night. He has been dubbed Neopolitan, like the ice cream. He is out of his cage already, snuggling, going on car rides, and eating carrots! Being spoiled and loving his new life. His new mama has been researching as much, and possibly more, as I have. She is going to be a great guinea pig mama, I just know it!

I have a neighbor family that happened to have experience with Guineas and their kids fell in love with one of the pairs as soon as they saw them, so Max & Elmo (their new names) also went to a great home that first night too. They are also out of their cages and cuddling with their new family! So happy they are all adjusting!!

That left us with 4...

guinea pig

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Nocturnal Musings

A sister, a lover, a wife, a mother. A teller of tall tales & one-liners. A fan of beaches & small diners. I love trees & my furbabies. I love my life, though its a bit crazy. Won't trade it for the world. Here I am, unfurled.

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