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Furry Healer

by Dixon Kiddo 3 months ago in dog · updated 3 months ago
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Never beside yourself

Furry Healer
Photo by Dominik Lange on Unsplash

It was mid summer in Florida when my husband had to leave abruptly. Making his journey to becoming a kidney transplant recipient in New York. I was to follow shortly in our truck, but my mother had fallen Ill as well and the business she created that was supporting us had gone down with her. Her diagnosis wasn’t easy because it was a mental illness, hallucinations and agoraphobia. I was left alone with my dog, Dixon while trying to figure out which way was up. Dixon my 6 year old Shih Poo, or as we like to call him, “Shih-Wok”, watched from the stairs as I fell to my knees in tears, completely paralyzed by my burnt out emotions. He’s not normally the most affectionate dog, doesn’t kiss often but when he does, he means it. He ran down the stairs, paws screeching with urgency, he sat beside and consoled me, paw on my knee. He comforted me in these times like no human could. No need for words, just momentary bliss and affection I needed to get through what was the hardest part of our lives thus far. My husband and I had only been married 3 years before his kidney failure at 34 years and a healthy active man.

Dixon and I had to head up to NY to take care of my husband while he received dialysis a few months before his amazing transplant surgery with him and his mother took place. So we loaded the Tacoma with all the trail mix and warmer cloths we could squander.

Dixon was selfless while he sat in the passenger side without complaining as he would nap and then look out the window every so often to see if we were close to our destination. Every trip up 95, we stop at a pet friendly Hilton garden Inn at Ronoke Rapids, N.C. The southern hospitality is still present in these parts, as they gave my little sir a biscuit and a bed after his travels.

Knowing that I can’t leave him in the room or else he will scream bloody murder until I return. I decided room service is in order, he demands to be treated like a person. We have been on the road now about 8 hours and 8 more to go and he’s been nothing but patient. We split the most amazing steak in bed as we rest and watch our shows. Taking it as easy as possible to recharge for the rest of this journey. He hasn’t seen his dad in about a month now and he is concerned.

Back out on the road, he was bright eyed and bushy tailed to hop back aboard the transplant express. At this point in my journey I was more faith and less fear and Dixon did his best to see to it that I stayed in the moment. North bound we were, and then we came to Jersey turnpike where I had to use the bathroom. I was worried about leaving him in the car but knew I couldn’t bring him in the rest room. I left the windows cracked and went to use the rest room. I was gone for maybe 2 whole minutes Before I saw people scathing my vehicle. I ran like hell, and yelled. They used the excuse that I left a dog in a hot car. But that wasn’t true, they were vultures and the car was still cool enough for my little buddy with windows cracked and mom only gone for 2 minutes. I was so terrified they were going to steal him. I screamed at them as I noticed my husbands fishing poles still in the back. Poor Dixon looked scared. Who were those creeps poking around a truck with tinted windows? He was in a ball on the floor trying to hide from them. It wasn’t the heat he was worried about, he’s from the south and while I know better about leaving a pup in a hot car, it’s also not polite to roam around parking lots for a living.

We shook that off like a bad case of fleas and lesson learned! From now on Dixon is the emotional support pup he deserves to be after enduring my every emotional meltdown these last few months.

NYC bound! I missed the exit, crap! I missed the belt parkway and had to make a loop and ended up in Mid town like a sore thumb. Big tan Tacoma truck and a tent on the back doesn’t really say, I live here in NYC and I know exactly where I’m going. Dixon screaming now because he can feel how anxious I am as I pass Penn station. I’m also so very tired and only an hour away from the love of my life, sorry our life. We are now exasperating each other’s anxiety until I finally make my way to the Long Island expressway where we are back on track and catching our breath on the open road to complete the pack.

Dog tired, we are finally reunited with our Kevin and our little family is whole. We waited 2 months for the transplant to take place and every morning and night Dixon made sure he slept on Kevin’s head so he wouldn’t go anywhere. While we were healing from surgery, Dixon got to spend lots of playtime with all of his cool and fashionable New York doggo cousins. Until it was time we all went home and got to carry on living our best lives.


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Dixon Kiddo

I’m here Rekindling my love for writing. Living in Florida trying to avoid the heat by telling a few stories. Enjoy!

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