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by Mary Haynes 8 months ago in adoption
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A Joyous Animal Sanctuary

Supporting the dreams of those who strive to help is important and is personally fulfilling as well. Through the years I've tried to help various organizations by volunteering, fundraising, or donating. The charitable organization I'm featuring here is not close enough for me to volunteer at. If it were, I'd be there every day because it's just so delightful! Do yourself a favor and follow The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary (TAMS) on social media. The animals and their antics will help bring a smile to your day.

I was lucky enough to go to the sanctuary on a tour day and met the engaging residents. I occasionally give a little money to help support, and it is at the top of my list if I ever win that lottery! It was clearly my choice for the #bettywhitechallenge.

Lisa, the owner of the sanctuary, skillfully blends a great cause with humorous entertainment. I look forward to posts from TAMS which are almost always adorably funny. The "Letters to the Management," from the sanctuary animals are Disney movie-worthy. The voices she gives to the various animal guests always make me laugh. Lisa and Farmer John, acknowledge the complaints from the various spoiled guests of their establishment but then explain why their complaints and requests for upgraded services are not practical. I love scrolling through them to make sure I don't miss any.

Each animal has its own personality. Their website www.theassmenageriesanctuary has wonderful descriptions of each resident and a little about their history. I think the first rescue I learned about was Laura, the Diva Donkey. This no doubt pleases Laura as she considers herself the most important.

From my visit to the sanctuary, I learned about Fable, a female horse who was separated from her yearling, Folklore, during a rescue. They were eventually reunited and it's beautiful to watch them in the fields doing zoomies with Laura.

The alpacas, Humphrey, and Elvis are notoriously stylish and sport many different hairstyles. They also pen their share of complaints to sanctuary management.

Bert, Ernie, and Bud, the resident pigs, are quite charming and smile for treats. Gentle giants.

I didn't know of the existence of runner ducks until I saw them running when the donated produce bin came out. They are fun just running about. The pigs are fans of the fact that they randomly drop their eggs everywhere. The pigs enjoy finding them before the sanctuary management and volunteers do.

I really had no opinion of turkeys before my tour. I've learned they are so inquisitive. Wendy, Peter Pan, and Tinkerbell love to follow staff around and "help!" A total surprise to me.

I missed the picture of Eligh, a rescue Pyrenees. He is a working dog who patrols the fields, helping to keep all the animals safe. He's also a big softie. I did get the cover picture of Diamond with one of the chickens.

I met Wooliam and Felecce, the newly rescued sheep. They were still quite timid at the time, but in the recent posts they are fully spoiled and participating in their share of complaints to management.

The animals are all lovely and all characters, however, I think the top spot goes to the goats. (Don't tell Laura)!!! There's Mummy, Willow, Winston, Wanda, and the notorious Whisper, "the escape goat." There are many posts about Whisper being somewhere he shouldn't be. However, as much as an enigma as he is, those are not his boots in the photo! :)

I encourage you to visit the website and follow them on social media. Volunteer if you are nearby, visit when there are opportunities and above all donate to help save more animals.

(The pictures I used here were taken on my phone when I visited. The sanctuary photos are amazing, check them out).


About the author

Mary Haynes

Mary Haynes splits her time between a romantic old sailboat in tropical waters and a beach home in Ontario. A wanderer, by fate, she embraces wherever she roams! Mary recently completed her first children’s book, “Who Ate My Peppers?”

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