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Fueling the Journey: On The Go Fresh Meals for Active Adventure Dogs

Why Ollie Gives Us Peace of Mind

By Tiler Grossman - Our Northern WorldPublished 29 days ago 3 min read

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Hey! My name is Tiler, and here is Atlas and North. Together, my dogs and I have a very active lifestyle that is constantly taking us from one place to the next, one trail at a time. We live in Denver, CO and spend more time outside than anywhere else - hiking, camping, road tripping, paddle boarding, snowshoeing, skiing and so much more! Atlas and North are the perfect adventure dogs; always so eager to be included and ready to tackle anything by our side. They are extremely active and healthy which will always be our main priority as they continue to age.

Atlas is a 6 year old Samoyed who is incredibly loyal, sensitive and loud. He loves to bark and howl, especially when we ask him where his favorite people and dogs are. He is affectionate and has grown into the most cuddly dog as he has gotten older, always wanting our attention. He lives for snow and finds it anywhere any chance he can. He also loves to swim and play fetch which is not very common for his breed but something we love most about him! Our favorite hiking habit of his is when he chooses to hike directly between us in a heel. We love looking down to see his happy face looking up at us as if to thank us for giving him such a grand life.

North is a 5 year old Siberian Husky who is the most confident, calm, cool and collected dog in any setting. She is equal parts stoic as she is derpy with the biggest personality. She is always making us laugh and always so hungry for attention from anyone and everyone. We always look to her to lead the way on all adventures with her independent nature but knowing to never stray too far and always check in to ensure her pack is following.

Both dogs live for meal time, especially after working up an appetite on our adventures. North’s favorite trick is “wave” and she will offer it when being fed without being asked, it’s so cute!

North doing his signature "I'm hungry" wave!

Making the switch to Ollie was pretty intuitive and made a lot of sense given our lifestyle of constantly traveling, and we could not have been more excited to try it for so many reasons. The most important benefit I’ve found since my dogs have been on Ollie is that I see they are getting the energy needed to keep going on our adventures. We love that we can keep them happy, healthy and well fed.

Fast, Reliable, Convenient Delivery

The option to have individual healthy fresh prepared meals delivered right to our door customized to each dog based on their age, weight, dietary restrictions and preferences has provided ease and peace of mind. We were able to pick protein-packed recipes specific to Atlas and North's favorite flavors from turkey, lamb, beef, chicken and pork. With our "on the go" lifestyle we never have to worry about running out of food and can adjust delivery dates around any upcoming travel plans. The food arrives frozen and can be stored for up to six months, so you can stock up. After thawing in the fridge, it remains fresh for up to four days to avoid waste.

Quality Meals On the Go and On the Road

We are often seeking solutions for maintaining quality in their meals while on the go. We take the dogs everywhere, we need meal options that can travel along easily as well! The packaging is simple and pre-portioned which makes meal prepping for adventure weekends close to home or long distance road trip adventures less daunting and so much more efficient. We can always ensure we have the right amount of food packed for any length of time. The travel size to-go “puptainers”, or feeding bowls, were the best addition to complete our upgraded meal plan.

Can you tell they love it?

More than anything, the dogs' health, happiness and wellbeing are always top priority! Knowing they are properly fueled to maintain their active lifestyle is the most important. The quality human-grade ingredients used in Ollie have helped to improve their energy levels and their digestion. Atlas especially has a sensitive stomach and has had less issues!

We have really enjoyed the introduction of Ollie into the dogs' diets and they have loved it too. The variety in flavors with simple, fresh, real ingredients provides so many great options to keep our dogs well fed, fueled and excited about each meal! Our goal is to ensure Atlas and North can join us on all adventures for as long as possible.

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