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for the love of Dogs

by Paige Krause 2 years ago in dog
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the love of a dog is greater than what most people may realize

Me and Molly

It all started when I was very little. My love of dogs has been with me as long as I can remember as I’ve grown up with dogs almost my whole life. When I was little I had two terrier mixes Millie and Stella. They were my first love and ever since then. Dogs were my favorite thing. When I was in elementary school dogs were my whole life and took over almost every aspect of my young life. It became so intense that a lot of my teachers, aides, and other helpers wanted me to tone down my love for dogs. Which I took to mean that I should stop loving dogs completely because I couldn’t understand why everyone told me to talk about things other than dogs.

(We’d later found out my intense love of dogs was one of my special interests due to being on the higher end of the Autism Spectrum.)

Even though it took a lot of practice and hard work I learned how to love dogs and other things. That not everyone likes dogs like me and that’s ok. I still have a love for dogs but I’ve learned to like other things too. The dog I have currently Molly is a 6-year-old Wheaton terrier bichon frise mix and she is Awesome. She loves everyone she meets except the mailman. She loves my bed and I constantly joke that if it wasn’t my bed it be hers. She is crazy hyper and can run faster than a greyhound. Molly loves car rides, treats, playing in the backyard and watching and barking at animals on tv. She’s crazy but we love her. She smiles sometimes and it’s so cute. We got Molly from my friend’s grandparents a few years ago and she’s been with us ever since. My love of dogs will always be with me no matter what my dream dogs are GSDs, Greyhounds, and Beagles but especially German shepherds. Dogs are great family pets and workers.

I believe that dogs are truly special no matter what kind of dog it is or where it came from all dogs matter and deserve a good home. When I’m an adult I hope to support rescue organizations and shelters that help strays.

One quote I always try to remember as a dog lover is this. “Dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole.” Roger Caras.

Dogs are amazingly beautiful creatures and we as humans can learn a lot from them and being loved by a dog is a wonderful feeling and loving dogs is just as great. I have learned a lot from dogs and I hope other people can do the same.

Dogs have been around for millions of years and they have been by human sides ever since. They guard, herd,assist and lots of other jobs that better fit for them then humans.

They help save lost children and provide comfort for lonely people. They are super important and helpful to humanity. They make people happier, feel safer etc. they’ve even gone to war with us. Dogs are amazing and they can become in tune with owner emotions and are great companions. Dogs mean the world to me and have been a huge part of my life. I don't know what we would do without dogs.

They make life for humans so much better and fun and make things less lonely for people who live on their own like people with disabilities or seniors. Dogs have been around for thousands of years making peoples lives better. There are even health benefits to owning a dog. Dogs can teach us a lot about how we humans should be acting around one another. Dogs can teach us a lot about ourselves as a society. If that isn’t a good lesson I don’t know what is.


About the author

Paige Krause

Hi, I'm Paige and I love to read and write. I love music and dogs. I mostly will write about my favorite things like dogs and music. I've been a writer for a few years now and I love it so much. :)

I hope you enjoy my writings.

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