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Family life of stray cats

Cats don't want to stray either

By KarpenaruPublished 4 months ago 13 min read
Family life of stray cats
Photo by Doug Kelley on Unsplash

As modern humans, it may be difficult to understand the appeal of the wandering life, But for cats, an animal that humans have never been able to completely tame, straying has always been a way of life they would choose at any time.

This is the second cat I have adopted and rescued. People who are used to having cats will always feel shortcomings without them in their homes, and their children will say they are bored when they come home.

Well, cat ownership is no longer a personal thing, it will gradually become a family behavior, and then evolve into a family behavior, seven or eight-year-old children have already planned what kind of cat he will have when he starts a family.

Coincidentally, a friend of a cat friend shared a rescue. A stray female cat gave birth to a litter of kittens and was taken in by an old lady who looked after the carport, and there were two kittens that had not been claimed.

Then let's go, there happen to be two bottles of ordinary red wine by the way to take as a sign.

The old lady had contracted a parking lot of the mall, and there was a cardboard box next to the table with two old clothes and two kittens lying in it as if they were awake.

The mother cat is not here, said to go out for a walk, only to return in the afternoon, this mother as a really casual ah.

Two kittens, about the same size, an orange cat, a pure white. Which one do you want?

The choice of syndrome immediately attacked, weighing, as a child had a few big orange, not a white cat, and this white cat has a blue eye.

Then this one, leave the red wine to the old man, the old lady was surprised and said repeatedly that really will do things.

This is just in the door, very small, can be placed in the palm of your hand

After getting into the car, look carefully, only to find a piece of cat moss on the stomach, and head. It is estimated that in this environment, the old lady is also natural and casual care, indeed the physique is not too good.

Where to think, this not too good physique guy, later will become a fierce man, no, fierce eunuch.

It seems that just now is really not awake, or just left that place to a new environment, this guy is lively up, crawling around with his voice, not afraid at all. It is estimated that the parking lot, cars and people, have been used to.

Oh, yes, why do you say pulling the voice? Generally, only certain specific people are said to be pulling the voice. Indeed, this guy's voice is not really good, the voice is a little mute.

When I got home, I left a little space for it on the rooster bed for fear of it running around.

Put a little milk soaked kitten food, the result is a meal as fierce as a tiger, it seems that the life in the parking lot is really not good ah. I posted a video of this guy eating for the first time. It is accompanied by a jingle that reads.

A meal fierce as a tiger, drink milk and forget breast milk. I am a small person with a big belly, how can I fill my belly with a small food bowl. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do. The new meow's first meal is the bottom line.

This is his first meal, notice his paws, he will always be so protective in the future!

This meal can let us see this guy's obsession with food, after that every meal not to the throat is not to rest.

Later analysis, this is because of the wandering experience of the previous generation, the extreme thirst for food, inherited to this generation. I do not know how many generations this guy is wandering, three generations or four generations. Looking at this virtue, it should be an authentic stray cat inherited from the ancestors.

It is not a bad thing to be able to eat, only that I did not expect bad things to come.

This is the appearance of just having enough to eat

At four or five o'clock in the afternoon, suddenly found that the lively guy, began to wilt a little, how to tease but also not a lot of spirit of the look. And put a little food, but also do not eat. The eyes are closed and can't get up.

Similar to this look

I'm a bit baffled, which is adoption rescue ah, this is the cat to kill. Half a day has not yet passed, this is going to die in my hands, but how to give an account to its mother who can not find it?

After a while, there is still no sign of improvement, that really can not sit down.

The doctor was very young and asked if he had eaten anything. I said I had eaten milk and cat food.

The doctor said there might be some kind of bad reaction, or so. It's holding up.

I asked if it could still be saved, the doctor said it was too small, it was hard enough. I said you try to try.

The doctor gave me three small injections, and I was a little distressed. Why do you have to tie three needles? The doctor looked at me like I was a fool, of course not.

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get a good deal.

Take the kitten back, I did not expect the guy really came to life after a few injections, in the car began to scurry and crawl again. This life force is too strong.

Constantly asking for food is its main business at this time

The little master gave it a name called into the treasure, very good, to attract money into the treasure.

In order to prevent it from eating to death again, every time you put cat food is a limited supply, the result is that you have to supply seven or eight times a day, to get up no end. I said either you change your name into rice forget it, and do not waste the look of your ancestral hungry ghost.

The next thing is to give it a cure for ringworm, and the ears are not clean. The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular products. Each time the medicine is applied, it is like a torture chamber.

The guy is smart enough to know that at night it's almost time to apply the medicine, so he hides under the bed and won't come out, so he has to attack with a mop, broom and slippers to force him out.

It is true that the medicine is not comfortable, the skin cat moss, inside the ears, and eye drops. Stray cats are really not clean, not clean up the uneasy.

The good thing is that a week or two of these problems are solved, and insecticide are done. Since then, want to catch this guy began to become not easy, probably too heavy psychological shadow.

Cat moss ointment smeared all over his head, ugly, homemade Elizabethan ring

This guy grows at a visible rate every day, sometimes travel for four or five days, and then come back to a shock. Although not as beautiful as pet cats, but the whole body without a stray hair, and a blue eyes, look at a long time also quite smooth.

By Sebastiaan Hols on Unsplash

It is a pair of eyes a blue and a green, eyes slanted long, this face type more and more like a fox, look at people often is also slanted eyes to see. I'd love to know if your mom is having any strange encounters?

This time has begun to get better, began to grow hair.

As it grows in size, so does its IQ. It has studied all the corners of the house and soon became interested in the outside world.

We are on the 1st floor, standing on the windowsill you can see outside the green trees and red flowers and many of our unknown birds, animals and so on. Look at it and want to go out for a wave, then meet it.

At first open the door, to the door how can not dare to go out. Seeing that it wanted to go out and did not dare to look, I picked it up and carried it outside.

The result is out of the door, this guy is scared to death, shivering and grabbed me, but also dare to extend the claws. Carried back into the house jumped down, scattered legs and ran, in my snow-white skin, leaving several paw prints up and down.

In a very short time, he learned to open the door.

His litter box was in the toilet, which had a sliding door. At about three months old, it could use its paws to pull the door open hard.

This is understandable, but opening a locked door is a bit surprising. Interior doors are generally inside the handle, leave the house to bring the door, it automatically locks, a hand on the handle a pull to open.

There are several times accidentally shut it in the house, and later found that it can come out on its own, every time out of the wind, feel a little incredible ah, how this guy opened the door?

Wipe this look into the favorite trash frame, it is really harmonious

In order to figure out the problem, it made a test.

Make full use of its spirit of death for food, starve it all morning, shut it in the house, and then outside came pouring cat food that beautiful soulful voice, I'm in the house to see how you go out.

It felt the call of the cat food, but their own hands do not do woop at me. It means hurry up and open the door for me, what is it?

Today the master will not serve, the master will see how you go out. Seeing that I do not move, it is anxious to spin around here. Should be thinking, I can't easily show you my kung fu.

Finally it seems that I really can not count on me, go to the bottom of the door handle, vertical upward leap, the two front paws hold the door handle. The door opened! With its own weight.

This set of operations flowed smoothly, without the slightest delay. Watching me is an eye-opener, and dumbfounded. I did not know that I have passed on your divine skill, you even cheated me for so long.

Soon to enter the winter, this guy lying in the sun all day sleeves hands. Come the day of the heating, the morning it is in the house around, it does not understand why the warmth does not need to sleeve the hand.

When I came back at night, I found it cuddled up to the heater and slept with its belly open. The heater is so hot that it sleeps with the heater all winter.

This is basically the same action

Every day is to eat, eat after playing, play after hugging the heater to sleep, the days are unbeatable.

I love to smell smelly feet and sleep with slippers

When I first brought him back, I noticed that this guy had broad shoulders and long legs, and was a big cat's skeleton. Sure enough, in just six months, its size has exceeded that of the stray cats outside by a lot.

The cat is big, the back two bells are also more and more conspicuous, nothing old lick to lick to, wondering if it is time to give it a problem.

This is a bit cruel to say, many gay men are against doing birth control, talking about this can not help but tighten the body, this is probably empathy.

I sometimes wonder if I should let him experience it once or several times before I give him birth control. Otherwise, is it not a bit of cat birth is not complete?

While I was wondering, he couldn't wait to come into heat. The sound of that purring, day and night to let people crash.

The most maddening thing is that it peed on the bed, twice in a row, peeing through the quilt, sheets, bed sheet and mattress. The smell on the Internet to check the N kinds of methods, are very difficult to completely get rid of.

Since then, the cat urine has a psychological shadow that is difficult to eliminate.

This is after the arrival of Zhaocai, two cats grabbing a can

The doctor said you wait for it to finish this period, and then give it to do, these days really can not. The latter days of the whole family on guard, sleepless days and nights, afraid that it pee.

The neighbors in the homeowners' group said, "It's so cold in winter, how come there are still cats calling for spring? They didn't know that the cat was growing up with a heater in its arms and didn't know what winter was.

It was so hard to get him to settle down, so he was taken to the vet. The guy's nature as a scaredy cat was exposed and he was shivering with fear. Maybe it is the unknown that makes it feel scary, this is probably the animal intuition.

Two or three small nurses pressed to weigh it, cleaning and anesthesia injection, the next into the operating room to dismantle the bomb. The so-called hands split the road of life and death, a knife to cut off the root of right and wrong.

When they came out, the nurses showed me the dismantled egg and asked me if I wanted it. I dizzy, I want it for what, to keep the skewers ah.

Suddenly remembered that the vet hospital cut so many eggs a day, will not be sold to the barbecue skewers ah? Red waist ten skewers, white waist ten, immediately, so horrible.

When it was first introduced, it was still confused, probably it could not figure out what was going on with itself. After waking up, he put on an Elizabethan ring and brought it home, saying that he should be careful not to let it fall off and come back for a review in a week.

When the medicine has passed, the first thing this guy did was to start eating. How can I be so hungry and feel like my body is being emptied.

At night, I don't know when, the circle on the neck is gone, jumping up and down seems not to affect at all.

The next morning when I got up, I started licking my balls out of habit. Feel it a little confused look, seems to taste different?

I don't know if it's a feeling that we as gay men impose on him, or if it's a feeling that he himself has. The change from a fierce man to a eunuch is more or less psychologically uncomfortable, but slowly get used to it, and that thing never grows back.

A week later, he was flying, eating and drinking, playing and sleeping, so he didn't go back for a review.

After the neutering, except for the fact that he was no longer called a cat, he felt a bit lonely, perhaps after becoming a eunuch, he had nothing to pursue and felt bored.

In order to relieve his loneliness, he introduced a second animal family member, a Maine cat. The latter began a period of two cats living together.

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