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Even Animals have Bad Days

My house of horrors

By Jamie LynnPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
That kind of Day

After yesterday’s soap opera of “ Tired of all My Kids” adding to how stressful kids can be at times...

We have 4 cats, along with 4 children they’re indoor outdoor cats. We had made arrangements for spaying them to find out the 2 youngest were already pregnant, so we didn’t abort. ( Please don’t say the animals are over populated, cause at this point humans are over populated especially the perfect ones) Anyway, Easter Sunday the one jumped in a box and had 5 babies, she’s the perfect Mommy. Feeds her babies, only leaves them to eat or use the litter box etc. A couple days later her sister had 6 babies, leaving my house with 15 cats, a dog, 4 kids and a husband. The one with 5 went outside for the first time yesterday for maybe 10 mins. The one with 6, gave birth stayed perfect for two days, on the 3rd day she woke me at 4am screaming outside my bedroom, I jumped up as I do for my 6 yr olds nightmares. She glared at me, screaming, I thought oh no, somethings wrong so I picked her up and went to her babies, sound asleep in a ball. I put her back with them, she jumped out screaming. It’s 4am, I don’t have the brain capacity to talk to her about manners and respecting social distancing. She’s following me screaming, What, what’s the issue?!?! She jumps in the window clawing, scratching to go out. Ok, what’s an hour away from 6 kids climbing all over you, sucking the life out of you... ok, go ahead. I wake up she comes back in, the babies attack her, she starts screaming, they all settle down, finally. Now my husbands awake, the kids are already arguing, it’s not even 9am. Momma cat jumps out of her bed, runs to the door, when I opened the door she makes a mad dash to the neighbors back yard and hides. This happened 3-4 days in a row. Yesterday while I’m laughing at grown women and fighting for my own sanity, she darts out the door, runs out sits at the end of the driveway, I’m assuming after staying in that spot for 45 mins she’s waiting on Uber to get her away from her 6 screaming kids for awhile. She paced that area for nearly a hour and a half. Finally, I got tired of her kids screaming,mine screaming I went to the door and watched her and thought, that’s what she’s doing, she is so tired of her kids, probably my kids for waking hers, and the noise in this house! I was considering going out and pacing with her cause the fighting over a green water gun or blue, mom I need a phone all my friends at 10 have them. I opened the door, yelled for her to get back in here. She takes off to the neighbors and goes in the back flow pipe. I thought for a second, wonder if I can find a sewer pipe to hide in?!?! 2hrs later I said Candy, get your ass out of the pipe and come feed your kids. She moped her ass out of the pipe, walked at a snails pace, I yelled get your ass moving if I gotta be in here listening to all this shit, you’re gonna do it to. She literally walked up on the porch, looks up at me in the door and did that talking scream, like bitch I needed a f***ing moment of peace and quiet, but went over fed her babies and decided to get up and go to her own corner of her box. One baby woke up and started creeping towards her and since their eyes aren’t open yet, she’s playing Marco Polo. Today, repeat, this time I’m thinking of going with her.

Moral of my house of horrors:

Animals get tired of their kids shit too and need a break. She keeps them happy, fed and alive just as we moms do. But she has days she don’t like her job either. The perfect cat lays in her cage watching the chaos and keeps to herself. I know she’s secretly counting the 6 more weeks til adoption.

🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Back to the schedule of refereeing, feeding, schooling, the boxing ring and when my cat runs for the door I’m going too.


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Jamie Lynn

Mom of 4 +2

I’m 3 days from 45. I love writing, I have since I was 8. Poems dories life

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    Jamie LynnWritten by Jamie Lynn

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