Emma's First Snow Day

by Autumn Brown 9 months ago in dog

True Story of a Pup's First Snow Day from Her Point of View

Emma's First Snow Day

I awoke early this morning, "Snow!" I exclaim. "Today is Emma's first snow!" Gently I patted the sleeping terrier beside me brushing down her brown and black wiry coat. Sleepily she looked up at me with puzzled eyes. Bending down I scooped the bundle in my arms and carried her to the dog door.

"Whoa why is it so cold? What's all the white stuff? I have to see! Person, who put this stuff in our backyard, huh?"

Emma whimpered excitedly and wagged her joyful tail. "Ok, her it goes!" In a flash Emma jumped into a clump of snow. Slowly she got up a with a mouthful of snow, then she curiously munched it.

"Hey! You can eat this! Come and join me it's so much fun!" She barked then eagerly ran circles in the yard.

"Look my paws are following me! How funny, come and join me!" She barked joy to the world. "Now to roll!" Instantly she was on her back rolling in the snow flat, and as she got up she looked now more like a snow puppy herself.

After 20 minutes my pup was cold and tired, but that didn't stop her from going out later. Not even for a minute did she wanna miss the snow. "Come here silly girl!" I called and obediently she came "You are gonna catch a chill sweetie." Then I grabbed her before she could squirm away.

"No please I can't leave my new friend the snow, please let me run some more!" She wiggled but to no avail, "I'm trapped, bye snow." She whimpered longingly. "Finally she put me down, oh but she shut the door!" She raced to the window peering out wistfully.

"Don't be sad, I have something for you!" I reached into her basket of things, pulling out the purple sweater she got from the rescue center when we adopted her. As I pulled it out she cocked her head slightly.

"No, no, no you got it all wrong, I don't want that, I want the snow" Emma woofed impatiently."What are you doing? Please just let me play with the snow!"

After I put her sweater on her I turned around and grabbed my fluffy brown coat and boots and slipped them on. Opening the wooden front door and peering out the glass door smiling, our friend Lucas was outside his house playing with his puppy, Eddie. "Hey, Emma, look who is outside!" I whispered. "Guys come down stairs, lets go play in the snow!" I called. Soon I heard movement of people climbing out of bed or coming from the kitchen to join me.

Upstairs my siblings raced down grabbing their coats and boots, "It's snowing!" They murmured excitedly among themselves. In minutes our parents let us go next door to see Lucas and Eddie. "Hey Lucas!" I hollered waving my gloved hand.

"Ok, guys, I want to warn you the snow is cold, but that is what makes it so fun!" Emma barked as she raced in place waiting for the door to open. "Yes! Hey, Eddie, oh Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, this is cool! Now we can play together!" Emma practically squealed. Shortly they were engaged in a serious play fight.

"Hey, Emma, ever seen anything like this before?" Eddie woofed then shook trying to rid his cream colored, pit bull coat.

"Never ever, ever ,ever!" Emma exclaimed. Together the two tussled before going to chase the children around the field. Everyone was throwing snowballs and rolling big ones for snowmen. Emma sat quietly and began to scratch her ear.

"Oh, I never want this day to end. Ever!" Emma wished before racing off into the snow covered field and joining back into the game of chase.

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