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Dog Dangers in Your Home


By Rahau MihaiPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

Some dogs have a propensity to attempt to eat almost everything they encounter. This often results in some little pain. However, there are several substances that, if consumed by your dog, might be fatal.

The following is a list of goods you need to keep your dog away from. I'll put this caution here in bold to avoid repeating it:


1) Antifreeze: Many people are unaware that regular antifreeze kills several pets every year. Your dog finds it highly enticing since it smells and tastes so nice to him. In very modest doses, renal failure may become deadly in a matter of days.

2) Chocolate: Theobromine, a chemical found in chocolate, is poisonous to dogs. Dark chocolate and baking chocolate are particularly hazardous. If you discover that your dog consumed any chocolate, take him to the doctor right away. Although chocolate intake seldom results in death, it may cause your dog serious disease.

3) Caffeine: When consumed in large levels, caffeine may result in fatal convulsions and serious sickness. Although we don't often picture dogs sipping coffee, caffeine-rich sweetened Coke, particularly when spilled on the floor, is quite alluring to dogs.

4) Bleach: As one would anticipate, household bleach is poisonous to canines. Not only for humans but also for dogs and other animals, the smell of bleach is very unpleasant to the skin, lungs, and eyes. If your dog steps in a pool of bleach on your floor, give his feet a good rinsing to get rid of any bleach that may have gotten between his toes or foot pads or on any other damaged skin or hair.

5) Tylenol: Just two Tylenol standard dosage pills are enough to kill a tiny dog. The issue with taking Tylenol is often how it affects the liver. After 1-4 hours, watch for sadness, fast breathing, nausea, and drooling if you suspect your dog has consumed Tylenol.

6) Watch Batteries: If your dog consumes a watch battery, the ulceration in the stomach might be deadly and occur within 12 hours. Dogs are also poisoned by every other kind of alkaline battery. A battery will spill and burn your dog's lips, throat, and/or stomach if it is chewed and punctured.

7) Moth Balls: Dogs should never handle moth balls. They include an insecticide that may result in convulsions and stimulation of the central nervous system. Garden mothballs should not be used since your dog could consume them. Mothballs include several compounds that may have temporary negative health consequences, such as headaches, eye and nose irritation, and persistent coughing.

8) Fabric Softeners and other detergents: All home detergents are to some extent poisonous to dogs, but fabric softeners are particularly dangerous. The primary signs in your dog are often a headache, lightheadedness, and exhaustion.

9) Mouthwash: Dogs are very hazardous to mouthwash since it contains boric acid. Symptoms of mouthwash poisoning include drooling, vomiting, convulsions, and coma.

10) Peach Pits: The seeds and pits of the majority of fruits are poisonous to dogs. Lethargy, vomiting, and drooling are symptoms of poisoning.

11) Domestic Plants: Dogs are very hazardous to several common and well-liked household plants. Poinsettias, lilies, ferns, devil's ivy, aloe, and ivy are a few of the deadly plants.

I'll say it again: contact the poison control center right away if you suspect your dog has eaten any of these items or anything else that might make him sick. The life of your dog could be saved.

Are your dog's recent odd behaviors related to lack of energy, diminished appetite, or even house peeing? This may indicate that your dog is bored, which may cause serious anxiety and other problems. Unfortunately, a lot of dog owners disregard these symptoms and assume their dog is lethargic when, in fact, dogs may feel bored. Wrong!


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