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Did I Tell You

by Seth Conley 3 months ago in dog
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A poem for all the dog moms

Did I Tell You
Photo by Sébastien Lavalaye on Unsplash

Did I tell you I love you? I know that you know, I just needed to tell you before I go.

I love the food you let fall on the floor, and the belly rubs I just adore

I love playing fetch till it gets dark and meeting new dogs in the park.

I love napping with you on the couch, and how you kissed it better every time I said "ouch."

And though you like to joke how life can be "ruff," I'll admit there were times when love wasn't enough.

I didn't love the bathes or the trips to the vet and chewing on your shoes is something I regret.

I didn't love going out when it was too cold or too wet, and I didn't love what you said when you were upset.

"I'm a good boy, I promise, I swear I'll do better, I'll let you take pictures of me in that itchy sweater."

But try as I might, it's the doghouse for me, I was the saddest boy anyone could see.

But I love you still, with all of my heart, I howled because I couldn't stand being apart.

You took me home, took me in, you told me you love me, and I love you back though you tower above me.

I ate and I grew and became "Mama's big boy," and in no time at all I destroyed every toy.

But I'm not the puppy I was so long ago, everything hurts, and I'm starting to get slow.

I can't play fetch as well as before, and I have trouble finding the food on the floor.

You asked what was wrong and started to cry, why did they tell you I was going to die?

There wasn't anything wrong, just time taking its toll, then we sat together on a grassy knoll.

You held me so tight, you were scared to let go, you told me you loved me and that I needed to know,

That no one could replace me, or take away our time together, and that I made your life every bit better.

There was joy, there were tears, both good days and bad, but I was the best friend that you ever had.

You knew my time was coming, but for now I'm still here, and you promised you'd give me my greatest year.

So you packed up your clothes, some pots and a pan, you traded your car for your cousin's van.

One last adventure, wherever the road takes us, we'd sleep under the stars and get drive through for breakfast.

You took me to swim in the ocean, you let me pee on a redwood, I forgot I was dying, life was so good.

The food kept coming, you gave me half of your plate, I couldn't stop smiling, life was great.

But even the best parties eventually end, there came the day to say goodbye to man's best friend.

I was scared, I knew, I couldn't stop shaking, but you stayed and held me, though your heart was breaking.

There was a pinch, then nothing, no aches nor pain, my eyelids got heavy, and I started to wane.

The last thing I saw was you, a tear in your eye, but you told me you loved me and you said goodbye.

You cried every day, I'm sorry I'm not there, but I'll always be watching, I'm not going anywhere.

And then you kept on living a life full of joy, you hung up my picture and kept my best toy.

You gave it to the new guy, a little small and a little pink, he's exploring the house, doesn't know what to think.

He'll grow big and strong, like I did before him, and with a face like that, Mom'll adore him.

He'll have a great life, one of the best, with an amazing mom, above all the rest.

She doesn't have me there now, it's all up to him, to fill her life with love up to the brim.

I'm sure he'll be fine, he's up to the task, but there's still one thing I'd like to ask.

Did I tell you I love you? I know that you know, I just needed to tell you before I go.


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  • Find Out2 months ago

  • Mark Graham2 months ago

    I loved the poem. You wrote this just for me for I remember my dogs when their time came as well. I still tear up when I think of them. They were my pals.

  • [email protected]2 months ago

    I loved your story. It pulled at my heart and put tears in my eyes looking at life through a dogs eyes.

  • Minna G2 months ago

    This truly touched my heart and moved me to tears. Such a wonderful piece, well done!

  • Nour Boustani2 months ago

    You have reminded me of my four dogs that I haven't seen for almost four years. This post is beautiful and heart-touching! Thank you.

  • Joe Patterson2 months ago

    Heartfelt and relatable, many of us have a personal connection with your words. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  • Karisa Walborn3 months ago

    This reminded me of just about a week ago holding my grandma's dog that I had the biggest connection with while having to let the vet put him down. He could hardly move I miss him but this reminded me he lived a happy and good life.

  • Kerrie G.Diaz3 months ago

    That put me in tears. I had to watch as my dog choked on a treat. I miss him so. Thank you for the awesome poem with just a little reminder.... he is still there.

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