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by K. Waterss about a year ago in adoption
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"Diamond in the rough"

Real Picture

"Heaven!, What's that in your hands?"

I was walking toward her trying to get a closer look but I couldn't quite see what she was holding. Whatever it was it was practically falling out of her arms. The closer she got the better I could get a look to see the hair that it had all over it's body and the "Meow".

"It's my new cat"

"where did you get him"

"I got him from this house for free they just giving them away"

"Can you take me to get one too" She looked at me for a second. Like she was scanning the seriousness of my face before making her decision. "Yeah, I can take you. We all walked down the dark road. Me, Heaven, and Rosie to Heaven's car. Heaven got in the front and Rosie right next to her. I really only knew Heaven a short time through Rosie so I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. Going to get a cat I guess. Heaven put her cat in this little box in between the two front seats with a little blanket in it. The cat wobbled around a little bit then as soon as the car started moving it fell down. It was just a baby and honestly probably wasn't the best place to put the cat the whole box looked like it was one slam on the breaks away from trynna jump through the front window. The whole time in the car nobody said anything. The music was loud and the look on everyones faces confermed that we where focused.

We arrived to this dark dirt road. It was bumpy as we headed to the end of it. On the side of the car we pulled up to this little blue house. The paint was clearly coming off and the roof looked like it was slanted in a way that was getting ready to cave in. The gutters where full and it didn't look like the people that lived there where that much into gardening. I watched Heaven walk out of the car with full confidence. I waited for Rosie to catch up and then I causiously followed behind her. She led up to these dark stares and then to a front door that was halfway opened "Hey it's me" Heaven clearly needed no introduction the lady of the house came to the door without a question on her face and didn't even look at all of us as she opened the door all the way then turned around to sit on a couch arm and spark her cigarette. I don't mind cigarette smoke when I'm smoking too. But to just assume that it's okay to spark up around people you've never met... not my style. without the woman even asking us Heaven told her "my friend wanted one of the kittens you got" the woman looked at me through her long stringy hair that she put back but somehow still fell into her face. she didn't even straighten up her back as she took one final drag and then said "they're in here let me show you" she stood up pushing off with her hand not holding the cigarette and walked toward this tiny dark room. She turned on a light and pointed to a closet as she moved out of the way "they're in there". Heaven looked at me like she was saying "keep up" and gestured me to go to the closet. The room was small and looked like either no one was living there or they just moved out. Then toward the back, I saw a little green closet. When I opened the closet door I could barely see a PILE of baby kittens all crawling on top of each other trying to find the absent mother. "whichever one you choose I'll send you home with some formula for it" I started imagining this woman with 10 little bottles of kitten formula and for some reason I couldn't get the full image to focus in my head. I stared in the closet and realised one little kitten in the corner huddled up and trying to stay out the way of the whole mess that was going on. I thought she must have been either scared or very smart, or both. I started reaching for her and she didn't even make a sound. before my hands got all the way to her she looked up at me. I've never seen eyes so blue in my whole life. I turned around to look at the lady standing by the door. I could of been trying to set the cats tail on fire and I don't think she would of even flinched "where's your bathroom?" She looked at me and then pointed with an irritated look on her face "Down the hall" I stood up straight and carefully moved passed her out the door with my head down and down the hallway. as soon as I got to the bathroom I heard a little "Meow" I looked down and saw those same big blue eyes looking up at me again. Her little back legs where trying so hard to keep up with her front ones as she rushed passed everyone and headed to me. At that moment I knew she was mine. I picked her up and never let her down. My Diamond in the rough.


About the author

K. Waterss

Poetry has been my life for as long as I can remember. It's the only other thing besides my daughter that makes sense to me most days.

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