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Death of a Beautiful Dog

A beautiful story and a painful lesson

By Muhammad AliPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
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It was some time ago that people in the world used to give more respect to animals but they were kept as pets or for some interest. One day it happened that out of all these animals, the dog tribe began to ask humans for a share as they realized their importance. Their rights in the forest should be clarified. Dogs performed many tasks for humans, such as guarding and pointing the way. But humans were not treating them well.

They did not allow the dogs to enter their houses, but asked them to stay in a place outside. All these dogs saw and were angry in their hearts.

All this continued to happen but one day an incident happened which gave more importance to the struggle of the dogs. It happened that a dog was killed by wolves while guarding a human. The man did not feel sorry for the dog's death but left its body there and came home. Seeing this insult to the honor of a keeper, the rest of the dogs decided to leave the forest. He decided that he would no longer live with humans. Rather, they will live in another forest with freedom.

When this happened and the dogs left the humans, the human herd weakened. The attacks of wolves started increasing day by day. Seeing all this, man thought that dogs should be respected. If they were here today, wolves would never have come. So from that day till today dogs live in the house as a family member and humans love them. This love started out of a need but now there is a total love trend here. Dogs are the adornment of homes these days. Everyone likes to have a dog.

From this story we learn 3 lessons that a pet is not just a pet but a more useful family member.

1. Pets love you too

Yes, pets love you too and want to be with you. They want their presence to make you happy. May their children also be happy with them. They are happy when they see you.

2. Love of dogs and cats

Cats are close relatives of dogs but it is difficult to keep both in one place. That is why it is said that a cat's home is never a dog's and a dog's home is never a cat's. This is how love is also divided.


Similarly, loyalty is a natural behavior for dogs. Dogs are pack animals, meaning they are social creatures that prefer the company of other animals and have a standard personality of their own. This behavior is also a survival mechanism. Packs succeed because group members depend on each other to survive.

Many dog ​​trainers and other animal experts believe that because of this pack mentality, dogs are also loyal to their humans and possessive. They think dogs see people as just another member of the pack. So dogs don't just like a good cuddle, they also like caution - they think loyalty will keep them alive. In fact, you'll often hear trainers say that during obedience training, you need to present yourself as the "secondary dog." If your dog sees you as the leader of their pack, they will follow your lead.

Why are animals more attracted to some people?

People tell me I have "a way" with animals. I've always had it, and apparently can "talk" to animals. Horses will run around me, cats no one can pick up beg me to pick them up and hug them, dogs follow me like I'm their lost friend. I've had horses that would bite a man's finger and lick my arm and lay their heads on my shoulder.

I think it's a result of my early training by my mother that I've always been gentle and recognized the personality of animals -- let them go when they want to go, pet them if they don't. Don't build, don't chase them, don't mistreat them -- and learn to read the animals over time. It's all about "interacting" with animals -- learning to understand their body language, their movements, their gestures, their moods, their emotions.

It may sound almost like mind reading to others, and on some level I think it is. This is being fine-tuned to the animal you are interacting with and understanding what they are saying within your own perceptual framework.

It is necessary. Horses don't care if your rent is late or your paycheck hasn't arrived -- they just know you're upset and that makes them upset, because you're a mare. Supposedly (even if you're a boy -- horses aren't in charge of a band of horses, the lead mare is). If they know that much about you, it seems like you know that much about them. You learn by sitting and quietly watching them be horses, interacting with other horses, and talking to other horses.


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