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Comparing Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs are a good example of the impact people have on animals.

By Sha AyeimanPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Cats and dogs, two of the most appreciated house pets. The two animals have been around for thousands of years and adored for the majority of them. They come from various yet similar ancient backgrounds and let us perceive how far they've changed since the wild. Cats and dogs have been compared at for quite a long time however no one has gone in depth in their history which is very important when comparing the two. Dogs have been around for millennia and are the descendants of the gray wolf. Archeologists have estimated that Central Asia might have been the first to train dogs.

Prior to full taming, signs of relationships among man and wolves date back to 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. The training of wolves (presently dogs) started when hunters would use wolves for hunting by holding flocks together and warning against approaching toward enemies, consequently, the hunter would ensure the wolves were taken care of. After wolves were tamed, human dog interaction changed throughout the years. By this I mean despite the fact that during the Medieval times people considered dogs to be superficial status symbols, on some other occasion people considered dogs as food and a delicacy.

People then, at that point, began to breed early dogs for size and color which is as yet happening today as more mixed breeds are becoming well known. Cats on the other hand have a somewhat unique history. Cats have been viewed as in all likelihood descendants of the middle eastern western cat. In contrast to dogs, cats were trained a lot later than dogs as they were tamed something around 4000 years back. Cats were in all likelihood first tamed by egyptians as they were the first to keep cats to control pests and to hunt. Cats were so worshipped in ancient egypt that it against the law to kill cats and the sentence was death penalty. Cats were likewise worshipped as gods and mummified before burial which shows huge respect for these creatures.

Despite the fact that cats and dogs come from various background they are similar in some ways. The two cats and dogs can and have lived in wild. Cats and dogs are exceptionally territorial and are born with that instinct. The two creatures likewise have definitely changed over the long run. Both gray wolves and wildcats were bigger and appeared to be a ton different than the furry friends we know today. The two creatures likewise depict human animal connection. Both cats and dogs have developed to rely upon humans when it comes to a simple life which causes a strong connection and devotion among owner and pet. The two creatures have additionally profited from human interaction since millennia prior. As a trade-off for help in hunting, owners would give these animals food, shelter, praise and so on.

Things have changed though since back then, now we give these creatures everything without them expecting to do anything. This has made animals rely upon people for most things. People haven't always been great to these animals however as the two creatures have experienced discrimination with cats being accepted to be related with the devil to dogs being hunted and eaten as opposed to hunting. All in all, in spite of the fact that the two animals have gone through various things to turn into the pets we love today they actually are equal. The two animals went from wild creatures to small house pets.

Cats and dogs are a good example of the impact people have on animals. After all this time we still don't really know whether the training of dogs and cats was for better or worse. Albeit this we truly do realize that the both humans and these pets have profited from one another in an coexisting relationship. These pets give us an understanding on the genetic and conduct development of animals and the cause and effect human animal relationship. Regardless of the past of our pets we still actually cherish them in the present.


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