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Chocolate Heaven

by Sophia Ashton-Hooker 9 days ago in dog

A particularly good afternoon for Lottie the dog.

Lottie, the hero of this tale

Lottie’s twitching nose dragged her slowly from her afternoon slumber. She had been enjoying an active dream of rabbit chasing and at first was reluctant to rise from her incredibly comfortable position on the sofa. Warm patches of sunlight coated her furry body and she felt deliciously relaxed. Rising into a graceful downward dog, she took her time with the stretch and added a pink-tipped yawn for good measure. She plopped herself down onto the carpet, landing just beside the brownish stain that she vaguely remembered being responsible for some time ago. She bent her head and sniffed at it. Yep, that one had definitely been hers.

There was that smell again! Her floppy spaniel ears perked up and she followed her nose through waves of warm, sweet fragrance. The aroma was not unfamiliar, though she couldn’t quite place it. Something warm, definitely, though not sausages, bacon or any other meat that she knew of. It smelled gooey and soggy, two of her favourite textures. Elastic strands of drool dangled from her jowls and she picked up the pace a bit, to a speed rarely observed in one of her age. Lottie rounded the final corner into the kitchen. There it was. Up on the table sat a large dark lump. As the approached the density of the smell grew thicker and filled her nasal passages all the way up to her brain until it felt like even her already slightly protruding eyeballs bulged more strongly forward, pushed out of place by probing olfactory currents.

She circled below the deliciousness, looking for a way up. Luckily someone had left one of the wooden chairs pulled out slightly from underneath the table and she hopped up neatly, making no sound. With one more jump she was on top, inches away from the warm dark mound. It had been separated, she noticed, into a few sections. Not that she minded in the slightest, she would manage just fine.

The dog licked her lips and advanced, both front paws placed solidly on the edge of the flowery pink cake stand. She opened her jaws wide and reached forward, but just as she was about to make contact she paused. A vague memory was surfacing in her mind, somehow connected to this particular type of food. She thought hard. She had had this type before, yes, she was sure of it now. She chomped her teeth at the air, tasting it. Sweet, yes. She had enjoyed it, certainly, but alongside that knowledge were more unpleasant sensations. She had been unwell, possibly this was the food responsible for one of her many visits to the cage in the cold white room. Not one of her favourite places. She shuddered and drew back, all four paws back on the wooden table top. She sat down and considered, deep in thought.

The thump of footfalls above and murmur of voices gave her a start. Someone was coming downstairs. Lottie had to act fast. Without wasting another moment, she dove forward once more, and pushed her clean white face deeply into the mound. Chocolate flooded her senses, as well as her entire face. Her eyes, ears and nose absorbed as much of the gooey deliciousness as they could and she didn’t pause for breath as she swallowed down gulp after gulp of hot brown cake. She was in heaven. Her tastebuds popped like fireworks with each touch of a crumb or slide of buttery icing. All thoughts of pain, sickness and men in white coats had vanished from her mind, she was blissfully floating on a cloud of rich milk chocolate icing, moist chocolate cake and white chocolate buttons. The dog herself was of course oblivious to the intricacies of the layers and the hours of work that had gone into creating this masterpiece, though that’s not to say it wasn’t very much appreciated.

Lottie was suddenly aware of an insistent tugging sensation around her throat, which gradually grew stronger, impeding her progress through the mound. She had worked her way into its centre by now, which was even more intense in its gooeyness, and her little belly was growing rounder by the second. Thick brown smears coated her neck, shoulders and chest and her elbows were just beginning to make contact with the outer wall of the cake fortress when Lottie was finally yanked rather sharply from the table and hauled up into the angry arms of a family member. Lottie choked and coughed up chunks of half digested cake. She blinked through sticky eyelids up at the human face above her. Lottie felt exhausted, deliriously happy and just a little bit sick. She allowed the human to wash her and put her to bed, and payed no attention to the surprisingly angry tones that filled the house around her that night, after all, she reasoned, she had left enough for them each to have a little slice.

Sophia Ashton-Hooker
Sophia Ashton-Hooker
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