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Change Your Perspective

by Shell St. James 3 months ago in cat

A Lesson from Minnow

photo by author

My cat, Minnow, is a unique individual. I've had cats my entire life, and Minnow doesn't behave like any of them.

There are several things that set him apart from other felines I've known. I sometimes think he's lived all his past lives as a dog and is having trouble adjusting to his "cat suit".

For example, he's very protective.

He has issues with both the FedEx driver and the pizza delivery guy. He won't say why.

When he hears the bell ring, he'll rush to the window and see who's on the porch. If it happens to be either of those threatening creatures, he'll bristle up and stalk over to the door, growling.

He's an indoor cat, and it's usually easy to skooch him out of the way when I have to open the door. But not if that dastardly FedEx driver, or the villainous Domino's delivery guy is on the other side.

Minnow will push his 11 lb. body up against the widening crack in the door, standing on his tip toes, back arched, all fluffed out (now looking like he's 15 lbs.), ears flat, growling like a dog.

He does his best to maintain his menacing stance as I sign the clipboard or slip cash through the door ("Can you just set the box on the railing? Thanks"), while the Bad Guys try their best not to laugh.

As soon as the intruder has gone, Minnow becomes a love bug, purring loudly, rubbing all over me and wanting praise. He struts around, tail high, pleased as punch. It's rather endearing.

After all, he was successful. He drove the threat away!

"I scared the bad guys away and now we have pizza!" (or, in the case of FedEx, an empty box to play with!)

The strangest thing about Minnow, however, is not his odd aggression directed at delivery drivers

photo by author

The most bizarre habit Minnow has is the way he likes to view the world around him.

He's an upside-down cat.

He loves to just hang around upside down! It's not just to gain attention, or pose for the camera. He's never been rewarded for his upside-down behavior, and he often will position himself this way when I'm not even in the room.

I'll come out of the office, and there he is. Sometimes asleep.

He'll watch the birds on the porch, with his head hung over the platform of his cat tower.

The sky is down, the ground is up…all the little birds are flying around… upside-down.

It seems to be his preferred method of viewing the world.

photo by author

Sometimes, I think it's his way of entertaining himself.

Like he's bored with the same old, same old, but hey, look at life this way! It's new and exciting!

Or maybe he's trying to understand things better.

Maybe looking at the world upside-down helps answer all those "why?" questions in his furry brain.

Either way, changing your perspective is kind of an admirable trait. It started me thinking… that could make a difference in my own life.

No, I'm not about to walk around, turning my head upside-down to look at things.

But… it does open the possibility of viewing things differently if you're not happy with the view you've been presented with.

Instead of getting frustrated or annoyed by certain things that are plaguing me, maybe I should try to see them from a different point of view.

  • That manager at work that's always hassling me…how does she see the situation? Surely differently than I, myself, do.
  • I'm tired of hearing my neighbors' arguments broadcast through the thin walls! But how does that woman feel when she sees me, knowing I heard them fighting last night?
  • The clerk at the DMV being snippy with me for no reason put me in a bad mood. But, gee whiz, I bet that job sucks. I'd probably be grumpy, too.

photo by author

I guess I should learn to look at life from multiple views, all the time. It will probably enhance my understanding of others, and no doubt slow my judgement and irritation, making for a happier me!

I think Minnow may be prompting me to learn these lessons. He's my little spiritual advisor in a furry tuxedo.

But, rest assured, I'm not going to start growling at the Domino's delivery guy.

Never bite the hand that feeds you.

photo by author


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Shell St. James
Shell St. James
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