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by Dandelionclub 12 months ago in cat

17 Funny Gifts For Cats

Cats are known for being super low-maintenance, and a simple petting session is usually enough to make both you and your cat happy. Whether you live with a cuddly lap cat or a quiet introvert who loves their space, having a feline around you can be just as rewarding and beneficial as any other animal friendship.

As proud fur parents, you surely want the best for your fur babies. You do everything you can to provide them with good food, comfortable bed, toys, supplies, and even clothes.

If you have a cat, and would love to give them presents for any occasions, we've rounded up all the gifts that will impress even the fanciest feline.

1. Wool Cat Cave

Warm, cozy and durable cat bed for your lovely cat. It is spacious for all cat size, from kittens to big cats. Perfect for cats to play, nap, rest, relax and sleep inside or on top. Made of Merino wool which is not only soft and flexible, it naturally repels odor, dirt, and stains too.

2. Cat Scratching DJ Deck

Cats scratch furniture to exercise, mark their territory and just for sheer pleasure, so why not mix that natural instinct with a bit of fun? Cardboard mixing deck scratching mat for your fluffy feline friends. Comes with a spinnable deck & posable arm for your cat to paw.

3. Lion Mane Wig

A quick and easy way to dress up your cat in a festive look. The pet lion hat has unique and special design and will make your cat look more beautiful. Your cat will surely win a lot of admiration, when wearing this walking on the street or in the party.

4. Wooden Whack A Mole Mouse Game

Fun toys inspire the cat's natural instinct and curiosity. Inspire your cat's nature, develop hand-eye coordination, help exercise hunting skills, and improve mental alertness. This cat interactive toy is made of high quality solid wood with smooth surface, no harm to pets, no BPA, safe and non-toxic, and can be safely played with cats.

5. Ceramic Pet Bowl

Fool your cats into thinking a real goldfish is swimming in their water bowl. The 3-dimensional, hand-painted ceramic goldfish sitting at the bottom of the dish will convince even the canniest cat that they have a surprise visitor. The perfect gift for pet loving tricksters. Whether you've got a thirsty or hungry cat, this Goldfish pet bowl is a fun way to keep them full and hydrated!

6. Screaming Shrilling Squeeze Chicken

Squawking Rubber Chickens! EAAKKK! Give these 12 inch rubber chickens a little squeeze and they'll shriek with surprise! Constructed of tough, flexible rubber, these toys are designed to take a beating and keep on shrieking. The squawking rubber Chickens come with a comical look on their face ready to make some noise! Great joke or novelty gift! This is the perfect cat toy combination.

7. Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

This self-cleaning litter box provides weeks of fresh, clean litter whenever your cat needs it. Less time spent maintaining your cat's litter box means you can enjoy more quality moments with your cat and live happy together! Can be left alone for weeks with no scooping, cleaning or refilling! It uses disposable trays pre-filled with crystal cat litter so it is easy to set up, easy to use and easy to maintain. The crystal cat litter absorbs urine and dries solid waste instantly to remove odors instead of masking them.

8. Cat Massager Roller Relaxer

Just like humans, pets enjoy massage. This massager have soft silicone roll brush that is easy to use and provides comfort. It's comfortable and safe. Give your feline companion a spa day with a rolling massager that'll put them in a kitty trance.

9. Cat Plush Outfit Dinosaur

Why dress yourself, when you can dress your cat too? Just because your small furry friend won’t be going out doesn’t mean that they should have to miss out on the family fun. And while your cat may not actually understand what costumes are, the overwhelming joy you’ll get from seeing your cat dressed up in a heart-wrenchingly adorable costume is worth the extra planning.

10. Sushi Toys for Cats

Beautiful cat toys with lots of variety, this sushi set will stimulate your kitty's natural instincts to explore and play. Treat your furry friend to a quality toy set that even their humans will love. This 8-Pc Sushi Deluxe gift set is perfectly sized for batting and carrying. Your cats will love to pounce on their sushi "prey"!

11. Cat Scratching Post and Laser Toy

Scratching post is there to create a safe outlet for cats to stretch, mark their territory and sharpen their claws. Let them do this natural behavior on this durable toy, not your furniture. This fun, interactive toy is made of wood and fabric.

12. Meowbox - The Subscription Box For Cats

meowbox is a monthly subscription box for cats full of unique toys, delicious treats and a fun new theme every month. Every meowbox has at least 5 carefully selected toys and treats for your cat with a new theme every month. They have the regular box, which contains at least 4 toys and 1 treat, and for picky eaters or cats with dietary restrictions, they have the without treats box, which contains an extra toy instead of any edible items.

13. Pet Gear stroller

Who needs a leash when you can push your indoor cat baby around in this stroller? This is roomy, soft, and provides a feeling of privacy and security while still allowing viewing access and fresh air from 4 openings. The carrier is large enough for your cat to stand and turn around, and the bed that comes with it is actually quite soft and appealing.

14. Cozy Plush Condos and Sisal Posts

This dual condo playhouse creates a perfect hide-out and napping spot for your active kittens and cats. This cat tree is ideal for cats and fits perfectly into even the smallest homes. It’s the perfect compact playground for your light-footed house tiger. Sharpening their claws, lying around, playing, and hiding.

15. "Cat Dreams" DVD For Cats

Over a 100 Different Segments of constant action and catertainment in full HD. The mice, gerbils and miniature hamsters segments fill the viewing screen with a 3D effect that cats are mesmerized by. The extra touches makes it the best video for cats to watch! This DVD will provide hours of entertainment for your cat.

16. Food Tree

Cats can be greedy eaters. This food tree is a slow feeding solution that encourages them to paw out snack-sizes portions at a much healthier pace. This smart toy stimulates them to slow down and work for their food by playfully pawing at it through various side openings.

17. Yeowww My Cats Balls

Yes, you read it correctly. Three Yeowww! organic catnip led balls on one header card are sure to be a hit. My Cats Balls will send your beloved cats to new heights of pleasure the minute they start to fondle them. Each ball is 2” in diameter and full of nip.

So, if you are a die hard cat lover, you can't go wrong with the above gift ideas for your lovely fur babies.

We hope you are inspired to give some thoughtful gifts to your cats. If you’d like even more great gift ideas for their fur parents, please make sure to visit Best Selling Gifts for Cat Lovers.

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