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Cats Are Actually Alien Spies

Beware Cat Owners

By M. F.PaulPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Cats Are Actually Alien Spies
Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

Cats are one of the animal species preferred by man for his company, in fact, in recent years the popularity of cats as pets has grown , because for many they are interesting, clean animals with great enigmas behind them, and it is that Many conspiracy theories on the Internet point to cats as an alien species that is on our planet to spy on us.

Sure, this sounds like a sci-fi movie script, but theories about cats and their alien origin have long captivated Internet users. For this reason, we are going to explain what are the main reasons why cats are believed to come from another planet.

1- There is no record of its existence before Ancient Egypt

According to Internet theories, cats appeared in this world in Ancient Egypt, a civilization that to this day holds many enigmas about how the impressive pyramids were built, and many users firmly believe that the Egyptians were helped by an alien civilization to create their great empire.

In exchange for all the knowledge and help, the aliens left cats as their representatives, which is why some gods of Egypt had a cat's head , such as Bastet, the cat goddess who represented protection, love and the harmony

In the same way, the Egyptians venerated cats , in fact, if a cat died it also received a decent burial, and therefore, it was forbidden to kill a cat , otherwise the person responsible faced the death penalty.

However, historians have discovered that exporting cats was prohibited in Ancient Egypt , which explains why there was no record of this species in other civilizations, since it was the Egyptians who managed to domesticate cats when they were still they were a wild species.

2- Science does not know how cats purr is produced

By Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

Going back to conspiracies, many believe that purring is a form of communication between cats and aliens , and although many veterinarians do consider purring as a form of communication, it is not entirely true that science does not know its origin.

Although cats do not have a special organ to reproduce this peculiar sound, it is known that there is a rhythmic and repetitive neuronal oscillator that sends messages to the muscles of the larynx to make it vibrate between 25 and 150 times per second, thus producing the famous purr. In fact, these vibrations are so severe that that is the reason why we can feel and hear it.

3- They have the face of an alien

By Daniel Chekalov on Unsplash

If you pull a cat's ears back you can see that its face is similar to that of the classic aliens from Hollywood movies, however that is not proof that they are an alien species , as there are some small breeds of dogs that a similar phenomenon happens to them.

4- They always land on their feet

By Kanashi on Unsplash

Although some claim that the laws of physics do not apply to cats because they can always fall on their feet thanks to their "anti-gravitational properties", it has been shown that this is not true.

All this sounds fascinating if it were for a science fiction story, but the reality is that cats manage to land on their feet because of the way they can move their bodies thanks to their great agility.

In the following video we can see some cat falls in slow motion, where it is shown that these animals can fall on 4 legs because they have a peculiar way of arching their backs and extending and contracting their legs on separate axes, which is why They can turn as they fall to break the fall with their legs.

This does not mean that if a cat falls from a considerable height it cannot be injured, so never try to throw a cat from a very high place.

5- They have a vision superior to that of human beings

By Raphael Renter on Unsplash

This point is true depending on the angle from which you look. And it is that cats have a very advanced night vision , which is why they are incredible hunters, however, although they can see some colors, their vision in broad daylight is not much more advanced than ours, at least not to level of detail and color.


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