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by Kayla Hillenius about a month ago in cat

Part 1: My Name is Noodle


My name is Noodle. I am a domestic shorthair cat, or Felis Catus, if you want to be precise.

Mom and Dad just call me "cat" though.

Actually, they call me "the cat." I only hear "Noodle" when I'm being good, when I'm called for dinner, and when Mom and Dad have no idea where I am and end up finding me playing in the bottom dresser drawer. That's right, in the dresser drawer. They didn't leave it open, I just wiggle myself in there. Anyway, this is the story of the first time I met my human parents.

My Mom, my biological one that is, had too many litters of kittens, so we had to be put with new families. I was the first picked out of the bunch by my Mom and Dad. My three other siblings had no trouble being picked and they love their human families. My Mom really wanted me since she missed her first cat and my Dad was excited because he's never had a cat before.

First time meeting Dad!

Dad fed me tuna when we met. I met Mom first and she gave me cuddles for an hour before Dad showed up, but he had tuna. I mean, it had the skin on it and everything. So, I naturally gravitated toward him. I loved him of course, but I was also hoping there was more tuna in his pocket.

I was taken home to a cozy apartment where there were lots of presents waiting for me. I had crinkly balls to bat around, mice with feather tails, a fishing rod with a blue fish (still upset that it wasn't real), chew toys for my needle-like teeth, and a mouse with a tutu which is my favorite. There were so many options that I got tired just thinking about playing, so I fell asleep in my cat bed and didn't wake up until the next morning. All that moving around from one place to another was tough on me wee, little self.

Little me! Look at my toe-beans!

I was up and playing the next morning! Little did my parents know that would be the last night in a long, long time that they would get a full night's sleep. The wind blowing against the windows, shadows dancing across the room, and the neighbor's heavy footsteps kept me up at night. So, I sat on my parents' chests, stared at them for a couple minutes without blinking, and let out my most ferocious meow!

I would persist for as long as I could. Just when I thought I'd succeeded in waking them up to comfort me, I found myself on the other side of the bedroom door. Cruel parents they were! Looking back, I did perpetually meow into the night even when they got up to pet me, feed me, and give me water, so I now understand their frustration. Now, we all get a decent 7 hours of rest. Most of the time.

My ultimate napping position

I took lots of naps during the day, especially when I was really little. It was essential for my growth. Now that I'm bigger, I spend most of my time doing things that Mom doesn't seem to like. I climb as high as I can on the bookcase, leap onto the kitchen counter, and run across Mom's computer while she works. My parents got me two, yes two, cat towers. I loved them, but after a week I got bored. I decided that I wanted to see the ceiling up close and personal, and the only way to achieve this was to climb the blinds. I got a time-out.

Yes, I love Mom and Dad very much. When my Mom takes breaks from work, she rubs my tummy and plays with me. During work, I learned to be more quiet, so I nap in her lap instead of trying to work for her by stepping on her keyboard. When Dad comes home, I run right to the door to greet him. He sits down and I give him face nuzzles because I know it makes him feel better after a long day. When bedtime comes, we all crawl into bed, I find a nice spot between Mom and Dad to curl up, and we all drift off to sleep. I know exactly when Dad's alarm goes off in the morning, so I beat it by thirty minutes everyday by nuzzling his face to wake him up. Everyday I spend with them is another day that I love them more, and I know that they also love me unconditionally.

That is how I met my human parents! Everyday brings something new, whether it's a new treat, a new toy, or a new cat-tivity I invent. I'd love to share more with you. Please read more about my family and I, and watch me grow from a small kitten to a great cat.

Look how handsome I am!

Kayla Hillenius
Kayla Hillenius
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