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Cat Spraying No More

Because whatever the reason for your cat's inappropriate peeing and spraying, I have a very simple solution...

By Luonghung84Published 2 months ago 10 min read
Cat Spraying No More
Photo by Steve Tsang on Unsplash

Cat Spraying No More Review – Does It Really Work in 2023?

In this Cat Spraying No More review you’ll be reading about an ingenious, humane system that’s been proven 100% successful in clearing up disagreements between cats and their people about where the catbox is.

So yes, long story short – it does work. And in this article I will share with you my personal experience. And also, you will learn what this product is all about, how it works, what comes with the purchase and everything you should know to make up your own mind whether you should buy it.

By Amber Kipp on Unsplash

A Few Words About Pokey, My Rescue Cat

I can’t imagine life without animals. Especially my big rescue cat, Pokey.

Pokey’s a gentle giant, but he has his moments. If there’s anything that can make him see red, it’s a mouse in the house. His house.

It wasn’t the mice that were the problem. We rerouted them outside to good food sources. They just started the problem.

Once Pokey’d done his job and alerted us, he unfortunately continued to do his job in the same spot.

Cats can get pretty creative when looking for places to pee. I just wish he’d found another way to alert us.

All I want is a sweet-smelling home like before. So frustrating to go back and keep finding another cleaning job, then have to find the source of the smell.

But no way could I ever think of getting rid of Pokey–he’s family. Nothing I did helped. So there we were, caught in a conundrum.

All of that changed when a coworker told me about Cat Spraying No More. It turned out to be the missing link that let me take back my home and my life.

If I’d known about it sooner, I’d have also avoided quite a bit of expense and frustration. And been able to keep a few irreplaceables, including friends who moved away without ever getting to see my place.

It was almost embarrassing to think that I’d spent so much time on my hands and knees chasing the impossible dream of clean floors and carpeting. I was doing extra laundry, salvaging what I could and hauling what I couldn’t out to the trash. But all that was better than the embarrassment of trying to dance between a home that always smelled funky and friends who rarely if ever came over.

By Japheth Mast on Unsplash

What Is Cat Spraying No More?

Cat Spraying No More is a system that trains your cat to default to the litter box. It’s designed to work with all cats, no matter what their ages, backgrounds or life experience.

A lot of systems promise to solve your problem with their own particular type of solution. This system is different in that it goes right to the source and eliminates the behavior. Part of its strategy is that it uses special herbal recipes as deterrents to peeing, even in spots that have had “regular use.” These herbal combinations don’t harm your cat in any way. They simply discourage the impulse right then and there.

The Cat Spraying No More system is very easy to understand and implement. With your training, timely intervention and reinforcement (all of which the instructions will teach you) the peeing impulse eventually redirects itself to the litter box.

Problem solved.

By Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

The Creator Behind The Cat Spraying No More Program

Cat Spraying No More was created by a veterinary technician who was working for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

It all started when she brought home a dying kitten from a litter whose owner had abandoned them when his house went into foreclosure.

Though the little guy got well, he had no previous experience with using a litter box and wound up peeing everywhere, on everything. Floors. Carpets. Clothing, bedding, you name it.

Besides the mess and all of the cleaning: the smell.

The tech asked a coworker who happened to be a cat psychologist for ideas. She followed the advice and it worked.

Sort of.

The peeing stopped for a very short time and started up again.

Old habits die hard…so she went back to her coworker for a few more tips. And this time, they worked! Her little guy responded beautifully and the problem stopped. Completely and permanently.

These tips were to be the foundation for a new system called Cat Spraying No More.

Seeing how many of her clients were also struggling with the same litter box issue, she realized that few people understood that the problem can successfully be handled. So she wrote up a guide and began to hand it out to clients and coworkers. People started to use the method and were floored by how well it worked.

For everyone who tried it.

Every time.


So many “experts” out there seem to advise The Unthinkable as if the answer were that simple: get rid of the problem at the source. But can’t there be more than one way to define the source?

For the sake of both cats and their people, she decided to see if her system could be turned into a product. She wanted to get it into the hands of as many cat owners as possible as quickly as possible.

The result is the product you’re reading about now: Cat Spraying No More.

What Does Cat Spraying No More Have To Offer?

Cat Spraying No More offers you the means to get your life back under control. Imagine being free of the headaches and chaos you’ve experienced from having your life turned upside down.

Day in, day out.

Now, no more hours spent crawling around with a black light trying to locate the source of that pervasive pee odor.

No more having to defend your cat before someone who isn’t quite as tolerant as you are…knowing that you have limits, too.

No more interruptions or missed appointments because you had to drop everything to do an impromptu deep-cleaning session.

This is a truly effective method that’s been proven to be 100% successful. It puts you and your cat into a better relationship.

How Does Cat Spraying No More Work?

It may come as a surprise that when a cat pees outside of the litter box, there’s always a reason. Then again, it may not be such a surprise, since you may be one of the many people who are waking up to a new paradigm of respect and communication.

Cat Spraying No More helps you to identify the reason and shows you in clear detail how to train your cat gently, with love (patience and persistence, too).

It doesn’t harm your cat. It doesn’t rely on fear or intimidation tactics, which usually have the opposite effect, anyway. Your cat will learn to not go on your favorite throw rug and opt for the box instead.

The system uses safe herbal deterrents to keep your cat from going where s/he shouldn’t.

This system works through a combination of deterrence and positive reinforcement. There’s no confinement, shaming or punishment involved (for either of you!).

It does require that you be patient and consistent. You’re basically changing a deep-seated behavior. This has been proven to be achievable through repetition and persistence. Once things take, you’re done.

Does It Actually Work?

While the training was being shared with SPCA clients it became obvious that this was a system like no other for dealing with the pee issue. Regardless of personality or age, in every single case the method succeeded and people were amazed. In my case it actually freed me from having to be down on the floor and from having to keep throwing things away.

The system also shows you how to discern between the possible behavioral and/or medical reasons why your cat is peeing outside of the litter box.

What Will It Do For You?

Không ai muốn sống chung với mùi và sự căng thẳng của tình trạng đi tiểu ngoài thùng rác mất kiểm soát. Với Cat Spraying No More, bạn và con mèo của bạn sẽ bỏ lại những thứ đó.

Bởi vì họ dường như không thể tìm thấy bất cứ thứ gì có tác dụng ngăn việc đi tiểu bên ngoài khay vệ sinh, những người nuôi mèo thường phải cam chịu sống chung với mùi hôi và sự cô lập mà tình huống này có thể mang lại một cách không cần thiết. Họ không muốn xem xét giải pháp thay thế bởi vì…à, đó thực sự không phải là giải pháp thay thế mà hầu hết chúng ta muốn xem xét. Dù các “chuyên gia” nói gì đi chăng nữa. Chỉ vì lý do đó, hệ thống này thực sự có thể là cứu cánh.

My Personal Experience Of Using Cat Spraying No More

Personally, I can tell you that my life seriously changed for the better when Pokey and I got through with the training.

Once we both understood the situation from the other’s perspective and I’d applied the techniques according to the easy-to-follow directions, life went back to normal.

I was able to bring in flowers from the garden and enjoy their fragrance throughout the entire house without the competition.

And when Pokey and I stand watch for the mice together, he enjoys the treats that I make for him from scratch (no pun intended). That’s one of the additional benefits you’ll get along with the ebook…

With Cat Spraying No More™ by your side, there will be...

NO MORE worry and stress!

NO MORE time spent searching the house for that horrible smell!

NO MORE having to lock your cat into one room (now you can let it roam around the house, and no longer have to worry about what you'll find when you get back!)

NO MORE coming home to a stinking house and being forced to spend the next hour on your hands and knees cleaning up the mess - and then having to do it all again the next day

NO MORE embarrassment when friends come over, because all they can smell is cat pee!

So knowing all that...

How much would you pay for a series of PROVEN TECHNIQUES that will ensure that your cat never again pees outside the litter box?

JUST $37 to get your hands on a permanent and proven system for getting your cat to pee INSIDE the litter box, and nowhere else.

Remember, this system has been proven to work time and time again for hundreds and thousands of desperate cat owners right across the world, including me!

And the best thing, you don't even need to step outside your front door to benefit from it, because you will get instant access to the entire system within seconds of your order!

What Exactly Do You Get With Cat Spraying No More?

Actually, there are four bonuses that come with Cat Spraying No More:

the Cat Training Bible (worth $50)

101 Recipes For A Healthy Cat (worth $45)

the Cat Care Blueprint (worth $30)

the Pet Medical Record Software (worth $35)

My Rock-Solid 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If Cat Spraying No More™ doesn't work on your cat, you don't pay!

It's as simple as that...

That's right, if for ANY reason you're not 100% satisfied with Cat Spraying No More™, or you simply change your mind, then all you need to do is send me an email (address provided with your order) within 60 days of your investment and I will refund every single penny, with no questions asked, and no hard feelings!

These techniques have been proven to work time and time again, so I'm more than happy to put my money where my mouth is, and provide this rock-solid 60-day money-back guarantee, so that you can put Cat Spraying No More™ to the test on your own cat, and at absolutely no financial risk to yourself, whatsoever.

So go ahead and order today, and try out Cat Spraying No More™ for a full 60 days, on me...

You risk absolutely NOTHING!

< Click Here to Order "Cat Spraying No More™" Now >


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