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Cat and Mouse.

A Day in the Life of a Mouser Cat.

By Niecee MayPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

**Set Scene: Cat in a Bi-level, country-side home, on 5 acers of land. Living with 2 adults, 2 kids, and a dog. The children's Grandfather mows the lawn.**

What is that noise that woke me up? No way?! Could it really be time?! OH MY CATNESS!! YES!!! The one they call Pop-Pop has come to shorten the earths weird not-fur. They will come and I will play and then feast! Now to ready and await my fun.

I begin to plan it all, I know my dwelling, here with the big ones well. Many moons have come and gone since they brought me here. There is no where the tiny running food can hide from me! For now a nap to restore me to my peak.

I smell them now, it's almost time to wake, I cannot wait, they will hide until the big ones sleep and the moon is up. She calls me, "Momma" and "May" and I know those are me, she is looking for me, uugghh, O.K. fine I guess I should go to her in case it's important like those yummy crunchy things she gives me. Ah the touching time! It feels so good to have those unreachable places reached! I need to thank the woofer for telling me about it's goodness. Later though, another sleep it is time for.

I see the biggest of the big ones readying for sleep, I will join them until they make smelly air. It is weird, that stinky air. I think that would only be a when I want it kind of thing. I do not understand it. So I'm off to prepare for my fun!

Hello small running food. Now the fun begins. Please tell me about your life and let me make you think your safe in this warm place. I will follow you and talk to you and even warn you of things that could hurt you. We can play this game all day if you want. Oh those croaking-hoppy things, they are stuck in there, you'll be fine they cannot bother you, besides they eat little things from the air not small running things like you.

The big one she has noticed me and walked over to see what I'm doing. I walk to her and rub on her a little in my pride. She had something she calls a wine glass in her big weird paw. It is empty, she must be heading to sleep.

She wants to see my running food. Oh hello big one see what I have here? She put her glass over my food. Oh hey what did you do that for get that off of it. Hey that's my little thing. "Meow" I know you hear that disapproval. I try to remove the glass, but she is holding it.

"I see you don't like my show of I can catch it too. You clearly like toying with mice I see, good girl play with your food. Why did I use my wineglass like that, oh well that's what soap is for....." I wish I knew what that meant. Oh good she took the glass thing away, and is starting to walk away from us. "pppppuuuuuuuurrrrrrrr" I rub on her in approval and back to my small running food.

She is off to sleep so it's time to turn the game up a notch. I walk with it a little more and then I chase the little running food up and down and all around the underpart of our dwelling. I see it has decided to try it's luck in the above. I will catch you when I'm ready. I love watching you get comfortable and then the panic rise as I turn on the hunt!

"Why are you doing this, you were being nice to me?!" It squeaks at me. I laugh and fall back a little. The big ones have toys all over for the small versions of them, they make me miss my own small ones less. When the time is right I pounce on it and it is the end for this small and running food. I will snap it's small neck and eat it all except for it's head which is how she will know I caught it. She always rewards me when she finds the head. Now I am ready for sleep.


About the Creator

Niecee May

I'm a Mom of two boys, and I have a love of literature. I'm an open book and love reading and writing. I started writing around age 10. I like the term Dragon Mom as I hoard Books.

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